Group runthrough for foundational courses. Anyone interested?

  • Helloo ladies and gents! I wanna conduct another group runthrough. This time of the foundational courses.

    I find that working at a regular pace week by week with a group of people for support really helps to internalize the lessons.

    Basically every Sunday I'll write up which videos to watch and what homework to do (not as needed now with the way the courses are set up; SO nicely broken down) and we'll do the work and post it in the thread for support and feedback.

    I'd like to test the waters and see which courses others are interested in working through though. So if you'd want to be part of a group runthrough, vote for which course you'd like to do first!

    I've done 'how to draw everything' and 'visualizing perspective' so will selfishly leave those options out 🙂

  • If doing basic perspective will you still do a group run through of the lighting class afterwards?

  • @Paint-Doodles I'm really not sure! These are always very spontaneous

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