New here.

  • @Kim-Hunter hi and welcome!! Excited to see your work!

    My dad is from Wisconsin, so I've been a few times. I love it out there ❤

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    Welcome to the forum 😃

  • Welcome! Interesting!! I hope to see your work soon!

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    @Kim-Hunter welcome to the forums!

  • Thanks! My goat stories follow the adventures of, The Green Goats, which is also the name of my target grazing company. In target grazing, I rent herds of goats to graze weeds and invasive plants from public and private land.

    In the stories, the goats drive around the country in a converted school bus, clearing weeds from interesting locations. While the adults are busy working, the kids are getting into trouble. I'm basing the characters on the real personalities of my real goats (about 110 in the herd right now). I'm still working on the design of their world.

    So, brace yourselves. You're going to see a lot of drawings of goats. Cheers!

  • Hi Kim. Welcome to the forum. I had horses for more than 45 years and worked on a dairy farm in the summertimes. I had two goats briefly when I was younger. They kept breaking out of their enclosure so my parents had enough lol. I was pretty unhappy that I lost my goats 😔 I had my horses and ducks and chickens and dogs and turtles and fish and hamsters lol so my parents really did do a lot for me......
    Looking forward to your drawings!

  • Thanks! I have horses and dogs too. I used to raise Muscovy ducks and had some roosters from a friend. My new Border Collie is not poultry friendly so I have to do without their charm for now but they will be in my stories.

    My horses are wild Mustangs from the western US. I adopt and gentle them. I gentled and trained one, Lucy, for use in therapy work and now have a Go Fund Me post to cover the cost of donating her to a therapy program in Wisconsin. I wrote a cute story for her, thinking that it would draw attention and the donations would roll in. Although she has a few hundred dollars donated so far, the rolling-in has not happened.

    I am learning that my Go Fund Me campaign is much like the podcast of, How to Launch a Book. Even if my books are picked up by publishers, I still have to do most of the selling and the money will trickle in slowly, if at all. I'm treating it as a good learning experience in how to market.

    I've also decided, this morning actually, to make simple drawings of Lucy's training, etc. to give away to my donors as a thank you. I will need an email (Bingo!) so I can send them the drawings. And I will sell it as drawings they can download and copy to give to their children or grandchildren to color. I'll send one drawing at a time, because I have to with my slow internet, and that will give them a steady stream of thank you drawings that will ad up to a book.

    Although I didn't think of this when I first posted Lucy last month, I'm hoping this will start to build a fan base for my future work. Cheers!

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    Looking forward to see your art work @Kim-Hunter 😊 Hopefully we get to see lots of fun farm stories!

  • Hey Kim! I just saw this, I live in rural Wisconsin too. I can't say I have a farm, but I do have several chickens, barn cats, and a few dogs. Nice to see you here!

  • When things get back to normal, maybe we can get together. I live south of Madison but will be north of Milwaukee for part of the summer. My mom's in Kenosha County so I'm there sometimes too.

  • @Kim-Hunter that would be fun! Small world. I am outside of Oshkosh 🙂

  • Small indeed. One of my own favorite stories takes place around the air show in Oshkosh. My dad dreamed of being a pilot and we went to a lot of air shows when I was young. I was last there in 2016.

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