Bologna book fair got rescheduled this year.

  • @idid I will look into that! But I booked on a cheap airline so not expecting much haha

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    @eriberart We'll see... For me it's not a big deal, as I can go by train and book the ticket just a couple of days before. Fewer visitors and fewer expositors may mean more chances to talk to the publishers that are there.

  • Hello!

    I dont work in the publishing industry (nor anything related to illustration) but for a global company.

    We already work in teams from 3 different locations (regular office, work from home and recovery site) in Asia Pacific to avoid large contamination if one of the team members is infected.

    All business trips are cancelled. Those coming from certain countries during private trips are being quarantained. With the outbreak in Italy, this policy will now apply to our offices Europe.
    As I am on holiday in Europe, I ll probably need a clearance from HR before I head back to Australia.

    I believe the safety committee does not see it being a temporary threat amd warn us against unecessary trips. Witnessing this in my company, I am not too optimistic that any event gathering people in countries at risk will be reorganised soon until we have a minimum visibility on the virus containment, which is not the case currently... the outbreak in China dates back early January and we are almost March. To my opinion, Bologna in May is probably optimistic.

    Hope that those with plane tickets get refunds - but if it is treated as "force majeure", I don t think the airlines are compelled to anything.

    Good luck! And wear a mask, it still feels safer in international airports! (Ps : this does not look ackward, believe me!)

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    @Julia I agree. I would not hold my breath for any international event to run this year. Even local conferences will probably be affected too. If you have travel plans I'd try to bail out and refund as quick as you can. I always buy trip insurance now. Too many things going on to avoid it. Normally it's pretty cheap and adds a little peace of mind.

  • Aaaand now London book fair is cancelled too! Guess I'm having a 3 day holiday in London next week 😂

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    @eriberart Oh no!! I hope the museums are open! At least you could do some research.

    I think this is going to be the year of staying at home working on our portfolios and holding virtual meetings! I know that my husband, who travels half the year and all over the world for work, is rapidly replacing conferences with video calls. I wonder if some publishers will do the same? It's something to keep an eye out for! (Hint: Portfolio reviews at SVS!)

  • @LauraA Yes I'll get to be a tourist for a few days haha. I've managed to reschedule one of my meeting to the publishers office luckily, waiting to hear back from the others, so it won't be completely unproductive!
    My day job is in a school and we already have procedures in place to close the school if advised to or if someone gets the virus. It is hectic!

  • @eriberart oh no, so sorry to hear that. Is plum pudding located in London? Maybe you still get to hold your meeting appointment? I am hoping the frankfurt book fair in the autumn will still be on. Maybe they should move the fair to summer, before the new flu virus coming back to town?

  • @xin-li Yes they are in london, I've emailed and I'm waiting on a reply 🙂
    I think everything should be okay by Autumn but who knows!

  • At least this will cut down on CO2 emissions temporarily. Bright side!

  • @Coley totally agree 🙂

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