First Post: Nightfall Sketch - Feedback welcomed!

  • @Coley totally agree with that. I’ll rework the composition. I think the monster will be easier to accomplish but I’m tempted to fumble my way through the princess piece. I’m not sure how to make to more apparent though, perhaps glows and sparkles.

  • I think the composition of the princess piece is much more dynamic and it's an interesting story concept but harder to get at first glance. Maybe make the part that's transforming a little more obvious and have her reacting more strongly to it? And possibly think about the separation between night and day, whether it sould be a hard line, or a fuzzy transition or maybe like tendrils creeping in. They're both looking good!

  • @carlianne that’s what I was worried about. The monster will be easier for me to work through and I’m not sure about the princess. But it might be a good piece to fail on and learn from!

  • @Melanie-Ortins I like the idea of the tendrils! I do want her reaction to be much much bigger so I’ll give that a shot and change up thee composition.

  • @EliaMurrayArt
    The concept of no.2 is really interesting and unexpected. Pehaps there is a way to make the night a character of some sort to show that it is chasing the princess to get the concept across?
    Great work and looking forward to see this being developed furture.

  • @xin-li that's a great idea

  • Hi @EliaMurrayArt, I like them both, but feel the princess piece is more interesting.

    If you stick with the monster, I think it would be cool to hide the monster behind the trees with only its head sticking out. The scale will highlight this.

    If you stick with the princess, why not have her coming out of a dark and scary forest, with perhaps crows flying in the dark? Then you can add butterflies and friendly things in the day scene?

    Can’t wait to see your finished piece!

  • @Jeremy-Ross those are great suggestions!

    I am 100% intimidated by a forest scene but eh, maybe now is a good time to rip the bandaid off. I was actually just thinking bats would be fun to play around with. Transforming them into birds or some such creature.

    I like the idea of hiding the monster in the trees too.

    I agree the princess piece will be more interesting Haha but I can't help but feel like I will be biting off more than I can chew.

  • @xin-li oh I like that idea a lot!!

  • A little update on these. I decided the first one would be more of an exercise with color and value and the second will be an exercise with background and story.

    I might hide the monster in the woods more but I liked his hands. Probably won’t post this one anywhere but here but it has been a good piece to work through if only just to push myself to do something with colors I don’t use.

    The second is titled The Escape. I moved away a bit from the transformation and the character being afraid. I want it to feel a little more triumphant.

    How do you folks think of designing backgrounds? Should I add more to it? I was worried about clutter. Are the bushes not working out?





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