Sketch for nightfall, would love some critique!

  • Wow. This is awesome. All I got - lol

  • Love your critters! I have horses and I appreciate the squirrels action...very realistic approach to riding. I think I would like the foxes eye to be open. Really like your background, too!

  • @Amelia-Bothe rodents on animal mounts always gets a win in my books 🙂

    Anything technical I could give you would be nitpicky (and probably wrong, you've got an awesome knowledge of aminal anatomy).

    But I do have questions: What's the story and what feelings are you trying to convey?

  • I am totally jealous lol, this is so awesome.

    I fee like the pose of the "fox" is fine. I know the motion is slowed a bit like some have mentioned but in a way it sort of freezes the moment. It's obvious they]re going fast but to have the moment a little slowed down where the fox is suspended briefly is super cool to me anyhow.

    i'm curious too on the story

  • @EliaMurrayArt thank you so much for the feedback!!! These pics are great reference, I especially love the second ones pose wow. I really appreciate the advice and kind words!!

  • @Carrie thank you!! My instinct says that if I open the fox’s eye his eyeline would lead the viewers eye off the page, but I think I’ll give it a try anyways because my instinct is usually wrong haha ^^

  • @Coley thank you so much!! The story was basically that predator (Fox) and prey (jerboa) come together at night to fight off a common evil (locusts.) : -) thank you for your interest!!

  • This is great. You can sense the speed, I love the birds in the background. I do agree about the fox, to me he seems like he’s jumping but altogether great so far!

  • Gorgeous! My only nitpick is that you could try maybe tilting the perspective to make it more dynamic and enhance the feeling of motion even more. And have the bugs flying at a bit of a different angle. Very horizontal compositions tend to feel more still and that counters a bit with your subject. I love your character designs though, they have so much personality! Fennec foxes and kangaroo rats are the best ☺


  • @Amelia-Bothe I love your characters. Desert animals are the best. What exactly is the kangaroo rat doing, though? He kinda looks like he is smelling his armpit when I look at it on my phone. One of the challenges I had during Inktober was drawing mice holding things over their head. Their big old heads get in the way. I posted an example of how I solved the issue. IMG_20191017_072010_668.jpg I think you are going to have to change the Jerboa's position a bit to make it work. Maybe tilt his body around more and raise his head up? I agree with the comments about changing the POV to a more dynamic slant. It always creates movement in a composition.

    I really can't wait to see this finished. It inspires me to do more animal art.

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