Nightfall WIP - feedback appreciated

  • I realised that most of my illustrations are very close to real life. And this months prompt was a good opportunity to try something fictional.

    The final image is still a little fuzzy in my head, so I’ll have to experiment as I go, but this is the basic concept I came up with.
    Nightfall is a monster who kills everything is passes through (coz nothing can survive the night forever).
    Out little hero (who for some reason reminds me of Robin Hood so I still need to come up with a proper character design) is out to save the world by killing the Nightfall monster with his flaming light arrows.

    Do you think the monster should be more defined? In my head it’s just a shape right now.

    The background for the whole scene will be continuous except the right (daylight) scene will be in bloom and the Bg through thr monster (night) will be withering.

    Any feedback on thr concept, composition etc will be much appreciated! 🙂


  • Oh, cool idea. Would the top left corner of the image be withered too since the monster will have just passed over that part?

  • I love that idea! To get the idea across that the monster is "Nightfall", maybe paint him like the night sky? Dark with stars all over? Super creative idea!

  • Very cool idea! For me, the composition feels like it maybe wants to be a spiral or ‘yin’/yang’ kind of shape, a bit like The Great Wave


    Just for fun I played around the warp tool on your sketch


    Hopefully that makes sense?

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    Lovely concept - and can be compositionally very strong with the dark area and light area shapes. I would suggest moving the second arm of the monster up and left, so that it stretches out like its other arm. The dark shape would gain clarity and look more aggressive and you would have the potential of keeping it a uniform dark shape (where we see the world within, withering) rather than having to solve the problem of defining that arm on top of everything else.

  • @neschof Yes, I think so. Though I haven't decided completely since I don't want the piece to be half dead half alive. But I think even though the top left will be withering, it'll still be in day light since the monster has moved away from it. Oh man, I'll really need to think this through! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

    @Kaela-McCoy Thank you! Yes, I love painting the night sky! But I want him to look scary and not pretty with stars. So I'll have to boggle my mind a little to figure out how to incorporate both.

    @Braxton Oh wow! Yes, the composition does look similar to The Great Wave. I love how you made that connection 🙂 Maybe I can add some element to the bottom right to get the same flow. Thanks! 😃

    @smceccarelli That's a really good idea! The gesture will definitely clarify things a lot more. Thanks!

  • Though I was happy about my concept, I really struggled with the execution of it. I tried 3 different styles and rendering before settling on this one. It really isn’t my style but I’ve seen other artists create beautiful work with this style and I wanted to experiment with it too.

    I also decided to illustrate it as a double page spread to give the contrast more space.

    Would love some feedback! 🙂


  • You’ve some really beautiful colours here. I really like it! Your character is so cute too.
    For me, I am bothered by the first arm of the monster. It distracts from the flow as it’s facing away from the action. I think it would be better if it faced the other way, maybe like this:

  • @Neha-Rawat oh, I love it! Also agree with @eriberart about the monster's arm.

  • Your illustrations are the best. I love it. I do agree that maybe trying the different arm placement might work. It's so fun and sweet though ❤

  • @eriberart Aww your doodle is so cute! ^_^ I love it! Thank you so much! Your pose actually makes a lot of sense. Makes it look like it's caving in on the little boy. Thanks!

    @neschof @Coley Thank you so much! 😃

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