Can you visualize things in your head?

  • SVS OG

    I am one of those people with a constant voice in my head. When I finally learned to meditate, I was amazed at the quiet because I had never been able to shut up that voice. With visualization, I'm probably a 3 but can get to a 5 if I take some time and think about it. Even then, the colors in my visualizations are never very dominant or saturated (and color is my biggest hurdle in illustration.)

    I have tons of very complex dreams and sometimes don't even appear in my own dreams but the visuals are not as strong as the narratives are in those dreams. On the other hand, any time I try to explain a concept to someone, I immediately use visuals to explain it.

    I guess all of that means that I'm in the murky middle!

  • @eriberart

    Never seen the post, I am not on twitter much. But I am a 1 when it comes to apples at least. I struggle more with visualising space and especially like in a book when a certain space is being described I have trouble. But with an apple I can see it as a 1 and even rotate it or walk around it -but undoubtedly struggle to draw it as I visualise it. 🙂

    Edit* When you say visualise you don't mean if I close my eyes and in the great dark space I can see an apple right because in that case I'd be a 5, but what I was saying above is if I think about it I can visualise it but I don't actually see it. Does that make any sense?

  • @carlianne lols in most of my dreams I know it's a dream and go along with it anyways. A few times I tell characters in my dream that this is a dream and they are made up. And once only once or perhaps twice I said this is a dream and they did not believe me so I jumped out and jumped back into the dream and said there's your proof.

  • @Heather-Boyd yeah, this is where I think it gets tricky because different people mean different things when they say 'visualise'. I like the example below better than the apple (can't remember where I saw it so will try to type it out as best I can):

    Imagine a ball on a table. Describe what happens when someone pushes the ball.

    Now answer these questions:
    What kind ball was it? What size? Colour? Material?
    What was the table made of?
    What was the gender of the person who pushed the ball? What clothes were they wearing?

    So, did you already know the answer to all these questions (because you 'visualised' the whole scene initially) or did you have to make up the answers on the spot as you read the questions?

  • @neschof Wow, that's cool! It's so interesting to hear how you visualize time. 😮 Months are a rectangular gameboard for me, and I visualize it in perspective. Summer at the bottom, fall and winter on the right, spring at top and left side. I move through the gameboard when figuring out dates, and it sort of stretches out into days and adjacent months when I focus in on a month. Years and decades are in a column with start of decades in bold, and centuries are in traditional timeline.

  • @TessaW that's so cool! I think we have very similar systems, just a slightly different flavour. my egg is also in perspective with the same moving around and zooming in! 😆

  • @neschof

    I focused on the how and less on the story, how a ball moves when someone pushes it. I noted the ball and I had a table and a floor but not the person and no to the extent of describing it all. If it was a story, I would have put more description into it.

  • SVS OG

    Interesting thread. I tend to have very vivid dreams filled with costumes and colours and dialogue - like a movie. But I can struggle with freezing images in my head ie the still shot of a scene. Typically, I’ll see a moving segment of what I am trying to capture when I try to pin down an illustration - leads to a lot of indecision. Very frustrating. Oddly enough though, I can hold snapshots of text in my head. something I trained myself to do when I did theatre and had lots of lines to memorize. Also how I memorize things like phone numbers - visualize them as text on a page and poof I can call them up no problem. Weird

  • Brains are wierd, y'all. Just sayin...

  • @Heather-Boyd lol that's so funny!! I wish I could control my dreams that way

  • This just popped up in my youtube feed randomly. It's a tedx talk about people who can't visualize. I didn't search for it, so either it's a coincidence or maybe is google using my forum activity to recommend youtube videos to me? 🤷🏻♀

    It's not as interesting as the convo here, but I guess people who can't visualize have what's called "Aphantasia".

  • Really interesting post. I was only a 1 on the scale which is surprising! Couldn't think of much detail at all 😃

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