Pixelation/dithering/banding issues on images

  • I echo that sentiment, his work is incredible...

  • Note to everyone: Shinji tried working on the PSD file of this image and was able to tweak it a little by changing it to 16 bit but ultimately the banding was still there.

    I guess this is just a thing I'll have to try and work with/minimize the best I can.

    Thanks for all of your help/input!

  • @mattramsey Thanks for the update. I was thinking about suggesting testing on a copy. 1. test the space, since that area is giving you problems and not the sand area what happens if you delete and paint from scratch. 2. Copy and paste just that square of space into a new file and see what happens there. 3. Play with the type of files you are saving it as. Good luck troubleshooting.