Expensive iPad Pro lesson - 1 TB 6 Ram No increase in procreate layer limit

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    Just thought i might save someone from making my error - just got the new iPad Pro With 1tb of storage and 6 ram today - got the 1 tb because of the increase in ram - my 20 by 26.667 inch canvas @300 dpi on my 128gb iPad Pro gives me 7 layers to work with In procreate - so does the 1 tb iPad Pro - the extra ram is not available to developers apparently - lesson learned - probably would have gone with the 500 gb if I had known...........should never run out of space though 🙂

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    @Kevin-Longueil That's a huge canvas size. Why are you working so large? Wanting to make posters?

    Smaller canvas = more layers.

    https://randypreising.com/getting-around-layer-restrictions-in-procreate/ You might benefit from this article.

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    @CLCanadyArts thanks Cassandra - I usually work in a4 or around thereabouts with plenty of layers to spare - I was just mentioning it as an example 🙂 the article mentions ram as a factor for layer number calculations which is what I had thought and I was posting to let folks know maximum ram will not increase layers in procreate

  • Thank you!!

  • I feel your pain...I had to do some large canvas work and was bummed about the size limit. I thought that maybe upgrading to a pro in the future would help but learned that the difference in file size from the iPad 6 to the pro doesn’t differ drastically 😕 maybe one day!

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    @Kevin-Longueil Yeah, it's the reason I've haven't gotten an ipad. I too like to work larger, and limited layers doesn't work for me.

    Here is a staff response I found "Hi everyone! Our engineers tested the 1TB iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd gen, and it turns out that Apple has allocated this extra RAM to things like iOS Multitasking, so that the devices run faster and smoother when you're using more apps. If an iPad comes out where there is more RAM allocated for the app developers, then we should be able to offer more layers and larger canvases. 😊"

    Kind of sad they don't have an option to turn off the limits, and accept that there may be some lag.

  • @Kevin-Longueil I've been using Adobe Fresco with ipad pro (256gb version) and drawing at 8192 x 8192 px which is 27.3 inches square. My last drawing had 33 layers, I've not had the software telling me that I've maxed out my layers before. Also worth checking out Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI for upscaling photos - I think it can be used for upscaling drawings too.
    Soimetimes on the ipad if I need something to be 50-60 inches I split it into 2 drawings then put them together in photoshop afterwards. An old habit from making big stencils and only having a small printer!

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