Dec 3rd Thur Abominable Snowman/Yeti/Candy monster

  • Here is the final (I think) piece. I couldn't come up with a satisfactory solution to add reigns so one of it's weaknesses might be that it doesn't fit the prompt well enough.

    Though I think if the text was added it would be fairly clear that Santa was going to use the creature to pull the sleigh--maybe not.

    Not sure how to crop it. I prefer the more cropped version but I'm open to suggestions.

  • I prefer the non-cropped version. And I have a suggestion...Have the lantern attached to the front of the sleigh and have the harness in Santa's raised hands. The Yeti's facial expression is perfect and adding Santa holding up the harness to him would make it clearer what Santa is "asking." I love the Yeti. Great job capturing the emotion. Love it!

  • I would prefer the 1st version if you can get all of the horns in it. What an awesome image!!! Great job!!!!!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I also like the non-crop version.

  • Non-crop! It's so well done, and you just have to keep the horns!

  • Very nice textures all around, especially like the hair on the yet and his mouth. Great work!

  • SVS OG

    I love this painting! - i'm going to agree with Thrace on this - i feel that i slightly lean toward the cropped version - i think with the cropping though you may need to remove the sleigh or bring more of it into the composition (i don't see any way to do that last bit though) - i think Santa's head should possibly be tilted back farther in either case - it looks like he may be looking at the Peppermint Yeti's belly as it stands - know i am long winded and often do not make sense so feel free to tune out now :)...but i think the reason i like the cropped slightly better is that it removes three things that are very slightly bothersome which are; Santa's legs - the tangents between the bottom front of the sleigh and the Yeti's foot, -and the lighting on the sleigh.......Santa's left leg looks larger than his right and they both seem shifted to the left a tiny tiny bit too much.....the tangent on the Yeti's left foot (our right) lines up perfectly with the bottom front of the sleigh...and the warm glow of the lantern seems not to be hitting the front of the sleigh as much as it possibly should be.....possibly muting the lighting at the very bottom of the Yeti's belly so you can increase it on the front top of the sleigh would work...not sure....but really i think if you tilt Santa's head back (and possibly give us a glimpse of his rosy smiling cheek) in either composition it would help story wise....i really do love this piece Matt - it is so good in so many ways!!

  • I have to say again that I love both versions but the cropped one has a overwhelming feeling of power to me, just get the wonderful horns in somehow! And I agree with Kevin about having him leaning back some and looking up. I just love this piece!!

  • My vote is for the non-cropped image.

  • I agree with Thrace and Kevin, the cropped one has a nice look to it and I think Kevin's suggestions would help a lot as well. Anyway, I think it looks great, I love the look on the yeti's face.

  • Thanks for all the great comments! Not sure I hit them all but I did read them, thought about them, and then worked on the image again (but I didn't make a check list).

    Here is an update. It's kind of an inbetween crop. Open to suggestions.

  • Perfect! Best of both worlds!

  • Yep I agree with @bharris your image seems to be a good compromise between the two.

  • SVS OG

    It looks fantastic, as before I love the creature design and those candy cane horns! Personally I prefer it uncropped so we can see as much of those horns as possible, but the last version also looks great, a good compromise.

  • Great artwork!
    I would remove that sledge and give Santa horse saddle under left arm 🙂 that would solve the cropping problem and bring even more focus on playfulness of those 2 characters. Maybe try to darken the background so the creature pops out of it.
    Anyway, great work, love it!

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