HELP! My cintiq won’t turn on

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    @Aleksey it turns out I was already using the hdmi cable. Any more suggestions?

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    @neschof hi! Thank you so much for the input. Were you using a desktop or laptop? Also were you using a hdmi-usb adapter?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz It's now connected to a PC (windows 10) via a hdmi cable (for the display) and a standard USB cable (for the data). No adaptors, just two cables (plus also the power cable).

    To get it working I needed this set-up plus a second monitor also connected to my PC so that I could properly update the drivers. It would only let me update them once the machine recognised that the cintiq was connected but before the driver was updated there was no display on the cintiq so I had to have the extra monitor at the same time to see what I was doing! It was a pain, but got there in the end.

    Display port should work the same as the hdmi but for some reason, on my PC, it wasn't being recognised.

    When I was having issues I also tried connecting to a laptop via USB C, which should carry both display and data. I never got that working, but the hdmi + standard usb worked and I had the laptop screen to see what was going on and that's how I realised I'd need to hook up the second monitor on the PC to update everything.

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    @neschof so just to be clear you’re using your pc’s monitor, the cintiq, and another monitor up to this day or only during installation? So all in all, 3 screens?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz said in HELP! My cintiq won’t turn on:

    @neschof so just to be clear you’re using your pc’s monitor, the cintiq, and another monitor up to this day or only during installation? So all in all, 3 screens?

    No, I just have the cintiq connected now. During set up I needed the cintiq plus one monitor to be able to check the connection and update all the software. Once it was working I removed the monitor.

    If you turn on the cintiq without any cables (except power), what do you see? I think it should try to find a connection. Mine shows a small blue box in the corner for a couple of seconds, cycles through the possible connection types, then turns itself off. If you see something similar then I think the display is probably fine, just not connected up properly yet.

  • I would go back to them ASAP! Make sure the husband is there and have him show you how to hook it up. If it works great! If not get your money back. You might be able to find a refurbished one from a more reputable source to save you money. If they don't respond I would contact the company for support to see if they can help you. You probably spent a lot of money. If not satisfied I would threaten to take them to court. Bring someone with you if you don't want to confront them alone. It would be a good idea anyway.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz oh my goodness that sucks. I am so sorry 😞

    Since you're using a laptop I'l assume you've dowlnoaded/updated the wacom program and drivers and played around with the display settings as per @neschof said. Wacom also has all its legacy drivers available to download, so you can try an older wacom driver if need be

    I think your next best bet is to try a different computer. Someone else's PC or a buddy's laptop. Worse case desperate scenario you could try just plugging it into a dvd player or other device (at heart, it is just a monitor, albeit a fancy one).

    Good luck!

  • @deborah-Haagenson said in HELP! My cintiq won’t turn on:

    Make sure the husband is there and have him show you how to hook it up. If it works great! If not get your money back

    Yeah, if you have no luck soon then definitely you should feel fine to go back and ask them to show how to set it up.

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    @neschof on the screen? Nothing. Outside the screen? There’s this blue LED light that blinks for a bit and then goes out.

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    @neschof so you only used 2 screens. Well I’m currently using my laptop. I guess that should be enough but nothing’s happening. I’m so frustrated. I think I’m going crazy 😂😂😂 i’ve been at it for 2 days now. I missed a deadline because of all of this.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz that may be a red flag 😞 my cintiq's always got a 'no input signal' message on the screen if there's no input...

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    @deborah-Haagenson thanks Deborah! I’ve already messaged them if they experienced the same and what they did. I’m still waiting for an answer. If things don’t get sorted, I’m going to return this product and ask for my money back. Thanks so much

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    @Braden-Hallett thanks Braden. I’m starting to feel that that really is the case. My cintiq only has a blank black screen even if it’s plugged in. I don’t know what to do. 😭😭😭😭

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz oh man, I feel really bad for you!
    It sounds like you've tried everything so don't be worried about taking it back. As @deborah-Haagenson said, if they hook it up and show it working then all is good but if not then you definitely need your money back.

    I did a quick Google investigation and it seems like maybe this is a common issue with the 27QHD

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    @neschof i’m trying to contact the husband. I doubt he’ll be of much help though. He works at singapore and it’s only his wife and kids here in the Philippines. I’ll try reading the wacom forum. Thanks.

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    When that happened to me, there was a short in the power cable, where it went into the cintiq, from being flexed so much. The little wires were broken, and it would work if I held the cable at a certain angle to make a connection. Friend popped it open, cut the cable, re-twisted the wires together for a solid connection, wrapped it with electrical tape, and it was as good as new. Not something you really want to do though. I hope you can get a refund.

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    @CLCanadyArts thanks! Did your cintiq also not turn on? My blue LED light for power is blinking but nothing else.

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    @Nyrryl-Cadiz Ah, you have the qhd, that's a good thing. If the cables are bad, you can just replace them. Old cintiqs they are permanent. Have you tried wiggling the cables to see if the display comes on for a moment? Gently wiggle near where is goes into the tablet, and down the cord, and where it goes into the computer while watching the display.
    And the usb isn't a generic one right? I've heard of issues when trying to use a generic usb on them.
    I've also had bent pins mess up a solid connection before too.

    Usually it's a cable issue if the blue light is blinking, or flickering. I could be wrong.

    I'm using a wireless cintiq right now, no cables

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    @CLCanadyArts thanks. I’ll give that a try.

  • Any updates on your cintiq?

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