Sending in a portfolio to publishers - How do you do it?

  • Hi! As posted recently, I want to submit my portfolio to children's book publishers. I am starting with around 15 publishers within my own country (The Netherlands). I have made a spreadsheet of how they would like to be contacted, addresses, special information etc.
    Now I just need to decide how I will present my work. I'm sending physical portfolio pieces to the publishers that prefer to receive a physical portfolio.
    I will select the pieces I think that are suited best, but I'm just wondering: should I send in a magazine/brochure like document, or shall I select up to 5-10 of my personal favourites and send these as prints (with my contactinfo on the backside)? I'm a bit apprehensive about sending a magazine, since I will have to design this to look perfect. Printing and binding will have to look very put together and this is both quite the investment of time and money, plus I'm afraid it will not look nice enough. Since they have all the experience with layouts and printing. So my personal preference would be to send a nice package of my best prints. Will this suffice do you think? And would you go for coated or uncoated prints? Am I overthinking this? 😬

  • Also I forgot to add: how many pieces would you include? Maybe 5-10 is too many?

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