Foxtrot January WIP update and serious critique request

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    Thought it was time to do an update and ask for a critique before the final push on this piece. I'm posting last week's color study and then this week's progress below it.

    What I have done during the last week (besides struggling and then getting a cold) is tighten and smooth up all the drawing and color layers, and then decide I didn't like them nearly as much as the quick study! So then I went back and moved over each original layer to the new document, modifying it only the minimum amount needed, in order to retain the same "stone lithography" effect but not leave anything in the drawing so messy that you truly can't tell what's going on.

    I also kept redrawing the fox kneeling behind the tree, finally turning it into a female. I rather like her gesture now, but I'm wondering about her size and how firmly she is planted on the ground.

    Also, this "lithography" technique, which I am inventing as I go along, sometimes looks quite grainy close up. Do you think that's a problem? I'm also still experimenting with how heavy to leave the outlines, etc.

    And is the bright moonlight behind Will distracting or does it work?

    Thank you!

    Last week's post:

    January contest foxtrot revisions 2.jpg

    This week's:

    January contest Foxtrot 5 50%.jpg

  • @LauraA I really love what you have done with the cast shadows, and the concept just puts a smile on my face ☺❤️ I'm sure the fact I absolutely adore foxes is an influence for extra love for your piece! 🦊😅

  • I love the new one ! The light don't shock me at all, it works well ! 🙂 I find the piece of this week clearer
    The only thing I don't understand is why the girl fox behind the tree seems to smile ? I feel like she has a trap for Will .
    Great art, I love all the composition, textures and colours !💞

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @LauraA I agree with @Lobalyss as far as the girl fox behind the tree and the others running off. I don't think they are needed to tell your story. You have great flow with the foxes in front dancing. Also love the confused look and pose of Will.

  • I adore the concept and really like where the image is going. The moonlight actually adds to the storytelling. I'd say you can even push the moonlight even more and draw more attention of the viewers to Will with the contrast. My only question is why the girl fox is smiling, like @Lobalyss said. Is the girl fox trying to surprise Will? Also, I personally like the grainy texture, but if you want them to feel more intentional maybe you can add a bit of texture in the snow as well - just a trace of grainy texture - to add consistency.

  • SVS OG

    Thank you! These are all good ideas! The fact that everyone wondered about the fox's smile lets me know that it's distracting. I will think about your suggestions in my bronchitis induced stupor and we'll see what I can get done by next week! I'll definitely try a texture on the snow, @Suji-Park.

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