Potatoes WIP - Critique/Feedback wanted

  • I would like to get feedback on these value-based thumbnails. These are for a book dummy I am creating and go with 'The Barn' story that I did for the Slowvember contest.

    The Barn Thread

    The text on the pages are as follows:

    Left : Well, a strong stick works almost as well! In no time at all, I found two big potatoes.
    Right : Finally, I remembered an apple in the tree. But it was so high that not even Papa could reach it!

    I will post larger sketches of each of these. But let me know which you think is working best just based on value.


  • Here are the larger value sketches.

    Any thoughts on which you like best, and what you like would be helpful.

    I am not sure which I am leaning towards, I like them all for different reasons.


  • This is a tough one because you have to consider the comps in relation to pacing and the book as a whole. I think they could all be successful. but I'm kind of liking #5 because it adds variety from your previous composition in the other thread, and from the text you can anticipate his next action of remembering and looking toward the apple. I also like the ideas of 9 and 10. They could perhaps even be combined.

    Theprairie fox.png

    9 and 10 are a little similar to the comp you posted for the contest, as they both have a closer visual element to the left and a further away visual element to the right. They are different enough to feel like different compositions- and I know in some case one might want very similar comps from page to page, but it's just something to keep in mind going forward.

    It's always fun to see your pieces come together. Can't wait to see it progress.

  • @TessaW thanks for the response.

    I liked 6 for a similar reason because it provides a very different feel than the previous as the 2 ideas are very different on the 2 pages.

    I really like what you did with combining #9 & #10. Thank you so much for taking the time to re-draw it. I think I like it better than 9 or 10 individually. I was really drawn to the 'underground' view for some reason but struggled to make it work.

    Great feedback, thanks again.

  • @TessaW finally got back to this... other projects slowing me down. Here is my version of the hybrid. I am really liking it. Thanks.

    As I move to the next stage I will have to watch the tangent of the white kitty's ear and back. But otherwise, really happy with the result. Let me know if you have any other feedback.


  • Here is the full sketch, next I will be creating each color plate and printing. Any feedback is welcome.


  • It's looking really good to me. Excited to see it get the full printmaking treatment. 😊

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