Support - I can no longer use Chrome Browser for this site

  • When posts get beyond a certain number I can no longer view them with the Chrome browser. Have there been recent code changes or should I look for changes I made on my PC? It looks completely different when I post now too. I used to get an edit window and a preview window. Now I just get the edit window.

  • I use chrome and have no issues. I did have to change the sort by cause posts where not in order due to upvotes and that drove me nutz

  • thanks must be something I inadvertently changed within Chrome.

  • @seanwelty You may just need to clear your cache/history and close out the browser. Then restart it. Sometimes things can get cached which would cause the sites to act strange depending on the different sort of JavaScript calls and fetching data. I am a web designer/developer at my full time but an artist at heart.

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