Bushfires in Australia : I am grateful towards the art community

  • Hello!

    My fav Australian illustrator Elise Hurst is joining the auction today alongside other Australian illustrators and authors to help Australia : #AuthorsForFireys

    Many initiatives are on-going at the moment to help the firefighters, to rescue the injured wildlife and to organise shelters for those who have lost their homes.

    I feel immensely grateful that artists come together from all over the world to donate the profits from their art.

    If you are one of them : thank you so much for helping us. This is so much needed!


  • @Julia are you in Australia? I hope you're safe. I am going to a local event tomorrow where we're making joey bags and other sewing/knitting/crochet projects that help rehabilitate the animal rescues. I live in a pretty small place far far away from Australia so it's pretty cool that there are so many trying to help.

  • @Coley hello Coley! Yes, I am in Sydney! We are a few aussies here (although I am an adopted Aussie : I'm French!). Where are you about exactly? There are many things on going in Sydney too! I cannot sew, but I gave blankets and money. I will also give clothes to charities. If I knew how to draw better, I would also sell my art to raise funds!

  • @Julia I'm in Newfoundland, Canada. I actually dusted off sewing skills I thought I'd long forgotten and made a few Joey bags and even helped a young girl make one also! There are people sewing all across our province and then we're sending the creations to a central location and then onwards to Australia. They're working with some organization, I don't know exactly which one but various items have been identified as being needed and they're working out border issues etc. I sure hope the bags etc are useful.
    Here's a picture of some of what we made today.
    Stay safe!

  • @Coley oh! I realised I misread your first message! I thought you were somewhere remote in Australia! You're in Canada! I am overwhelmed by your gesture! Thank so much, so much for helping Australia through this crisis!

    This is unprecedent in history and we lost so much wildlife... here in Sydney it is safe, although the air is polluted and the wind sometimes carries ashes. No Sydneysider would complain though, as many others have lost everything...

    Thank you Coley and thanks to everyone here who is doing a little something, selling art to reverse profits to Australian charities or, like Coley, taking care of the 1st necessities ❤

  • Maybe if a SVS artist here is making donation against art, s/he could advertise here?

    Everyone is making profit out of it : the artist (marketing/advertising), the buyer (he gets something tangible) and the charities (where the money is given). It does not need to be big or expensive, each penny counts!

    ABC News has listed all the charities that are involved in the fire relief effort (incl. rescuing the wildlife, helping firefighters and supporting the communities).


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