• Hi everybody!

    I'm Frankie from Brighton, England. I wanted to introduce myself and make some connections with some arty folk as sinse I've left college I don't really get to talk to anybody about this topic anymore.

    So this last year I hit a serious hump in my creativity and didn't create anything for about 6 months but nearing the end of the year the passion to draw came back and I am enjoying it so much more this time. I currently work full time on a building site and struggle to stay motivated with art but I have set out a proper schedule and such now, this year I am going to be serious about my craft. My illustrations are usually creature based (dinosaurs a lot of the time) and are done traditionally.

    So yeah, don't know if any of you needed or wanted to know any of that but now you do. Just wanted to introduce myself a bit and start some conversation.

    I want to start a projec,t to create a body of work. So what's everyone's favourite projects or challenges they've done ??? I'd love to hear. Mine was doing Juwujune (Jurassic June) a couple years ago. I loved drawing dinosaurs every day.

    If any of you are interested here a couple bits and bobs of mine and you can see more @frankiedraws on Instagram. I know, what a unique user name


  • O man, I am digging on that art work. it has a interesting look that i don't see too often. I'm guessing its copic markers? or something like that. Its awesome stuff.

    As far as projects go I haven't heard of Jurassic June but i'm going to have to check it out when it comes along. Mermay is also a pretty fun one. or anything related to holidays. Though I tend to avoid Valentines day πŸ˜›

    Either way welcome. your art is awesome and i'm definitely gonna follow you on Instagram

  • Welcome to the forums !! I really hope you enjoy your stay here ! I don't really know all the monthly challenges out there but there is also the 100 days challenge where you practice one particular skill for 100 days πŸ™‚ It is hard, never got past 20 days. I never finished inktober either oups.

  • SVS OG

    Welcome! The only challenge I have ever done is Slowvember, and two of the monthly contests (one of which was...Slowvember!).

    I think the SVS guys have a good point when they say to pick where you need to go next and choose your challenge accordingly. Depending on what you need, there are people who do the curriculum together, people who critique the monthly contests, and people who do monthly challenges together. So choose the challenge you need, announce you're working on it, and see if you can get some people to join in! We all learn from one another, and that's the best part.

  • Welcome. Nice work. I like the texture you use. Is that Copics, like Frankie @ColbyGreen ? I liked your instagram posts particularly the last one.

    I haven't done a "one-drawing-a-day" challenge yet. I have tried to participate in the monthly cues, though.

  • @ColbyGreen nice to meet you πŸ™‚ thank you for the compliments. That first one where I did stylised PokΓ©mon is a slightly cheaper marker but that last one is watercolour.

    I came to realise this year that Jurassic June may have not actually been a thing as dinovember is much bigger.

    I think I'll give mermay a go this year, it's definitely something I've not played with before. Thanks a bunch for the support

  • @LauraA hey there. Thanks for the advice, I've just started the curriculum, squeezing in an hour after work each day and am really enjoying it. I think I will share my progress like you say and hopefully interact with some cool other people along the way

  • @sisimite-azul thank you. That first image is markers but the dinosaurs drinking from the pool is watercolour. I have been considering joining in with those prompts too

  • Welcome! I like doing the monthly challenges on the forum here. Also SCBWI and their local regions have contests sometimes as well. I've done some of those and have found them to be a good way to get ideas flowing.

  • @Frankie-Rogers said in Hi SVS!:


    Hi Rankiedraws. Welcome. Your drawings look awesome. Keep it up and good luck in your journey. I have also decided to make 2020 a successful art journey year for myself. And so I have joined SVS to learn and get in touch with other learning artists πŸ˜ƒ

  • @Eywin thank you and good luck to you too! May it be a successful year for both us

  • @KaraDaniel I will make sure to look into that scbwi thingy

  • @Roxane-Ferreira doing 100 days of the same thing sounds like an excellent way to improve that skill. I have always failed inktober too. Really going to go for it this year though

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