January WIP - SnowyMountain Owl - Process/Feedback

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    Okay so I've been working on my thumbs, and I like the idea of having the creature look like a mountain.

    #1 the mountain would be more of a second read.
    #2, I'm thinking we would be in on the joke, but Will isn't. I could also have the mountain shaking a tree with snow on it onto Will.
    #3 is like #1 but horizontal. Maybe that's better for a children's book portfolio?
    #4 I was thinking maybe Will is in a hot air balloon looking down, but then I couldn't think of why he was in a balloon, and maybe that's too random.

    Would love feedback with which thumb you like the best and why. I mostly want it to feel whimsical, cute and fun.


  • The idea for the 2nd one with the mountain shaking the snow on Will sounds like so much fun. Definitely much more memorable than the rest. I'd build on that If I were you! This is a really interesting concept 😄

  • @IgorWoznicki thanks! I'll try doing more thumbs that explore them interacting. I agree that is going to be more interesting than just finding foot steps

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    I love 2

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    @carlianne I am with the others with number 2

  • @carlianne option 3 - if there might be a little person or a few people to show scale like in option 2, and also for the foot prints to be more obvious. Could see the story being the person/people waking up and finding these giant foot prints, and the mountain in the distance just giggling its head off at their surprise. Great job coming up with these fun thumbnails!

  • okay I tried taking two ideas a little further. Please let me know which one you think is stronger and why!

    number 1
    Maybe this snow monster has moved in and is creating winter?

    idea 1.png

    and number 2
    Mountain has moved in to the village. Will is looking at the tracks, while the rest of the town looks at the mountain monster.

    idea 2.png

  • Okay so I've done over 50 thumbs now, and I was struggling with the mountain having feet and making sense with the prompt, so I made it a giant snowy owl, which I thought could be fun.

    So my big question is, do you think it's okay to have the owl blend in with the mountains like so? Or should I pop him out entirely and have another owl hidden in the background?

    I feel like I'm struggling because I want to do a piece that incorporates a larger environment/background rather than doing a close up shot, but that it becomes less engaging when I do so. Any feedback or advice welcome. ❤


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    Doing final clean and resolving my story points and clarity etc. now.


    and my color study

    Still happy to hear feedback!

  • @carlianne super cute 🙂

    Now you have two owls I think it sort of looks like all the background shapes are owls - just some are facing away. If they're all supposed to be mountains with only two owls then you might want to make them a little more mountain-shaped than the owls.

    It might be that you can also achieve the same thing through colour choices if you want them to all be the same shape.

  • @neschof thanks so much for the feedback! I was actually thinking it would be fun if you realize after a second read or so that those mountains are actually all owls, maybe I need to make them look more owly? Or maybe that idea isn't working?

  • @carlianne they look owly enough to me! very first quic read one thinks they are mountains but it doesn't take long to realize theyre owls. it is so cute!

  • @carlianne I love looking at this thread and seeing your thought process! A couple of thoughts: In some of the earlier versions I think the inclusion of the little village houses helps convey a sense of relative scale for the owl/mountain/creature, which I’m missing a bit in the latest version. Also, is that a quiver of arrows in the latest version? I’m a little confused about the story and how that ties into it.
    For what’s its worth, I think my favorite thumb is the one where your wrote “the mountain has moved into the village...” I think it takes the viewer a second or two to realize the connection between the footprints and the creature, but that’s part of the fun...also there’s something really adorable about that big blobby guy just chillin in the background

  • @Braxton thanks Braxton! Since I made the mountains all actually owls I was worried the houses might feel weird. Like why are there normal houses next to these crazy creatures? But if that doesn't feel weird to you I'll move them back in.

    I was thinking the arrows might add tension like he might be trying to track or attack the owl. Obviously he doesn't stand a chance though.

    Let me know what you think!

  • @carlianne Random thought: what if he was holding a little baby owl? Either it’s his sidekick, or he’s trying to find the home of a lost baby owl? Maybe that’s what the big owl in the background is looking at him with so much interest. Obviously don’t take this drawing too literally, but I was thinking something like this


  • @Braxton cute I love it!!! ❤

  • @Braxton this is really adorable!

  • @carlianne said in January WIP - SnowyMountain Owl - Process/Feedback:

    @neschof thanks so much for the feedback! I was actually thinking it would be fun if you realize after a second read or so that those mountains are actually all owls, maybe I need to make them look more owly? Or maybe that idea isn't working?

    Ah ha! No, if they're all supposed to be owls then they're perfect 👍
    I think it was just because on the previous image they were not all owls and I thought this image was the same idea

  • @neschof yes sorry I ended up changing my mind about it! Glad that it is working! 🙂 I was struggling with what story I wanted to tell in this one for awhile so it's been a little all over the place.

  • Still rough, need to paint the trees, not sure how much time I'll have to tighten things down.


    @Braxton I ran with your idea a little bit!

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