Procreate brush sharing I love procreate brushes.

  • @Coreyartus thats incredible i dont think I would be able to tell the difference if you hadnt said it was digital.

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    @Coreyartus This is exciting. I'm making a note to look for them later this week. Thanks.

  • @Coreyartus said in Procreate brush sharing I love procreate brushes.:

    Abbie Nurse has made the most realistic watercolor brushes I can find. The key isn't in just using the brush, but in using a specific stack of layers that help communicate the look of watercolor.

    Totally this. The first image below was one of my first efforts with Abbies watercolour brushes but then the other images are just doodles with bog standard default Procreate brushes with the watercolour paper / texture layer stack.




  • @demotlj hi Laurie Ive found the ones Ive been using. I got them from design cuts ltd. And its the master watercolour procreate brushes. They were $18.00
    They have splashes, blobs, brushes, and drips.
    (sorry I posted this in the wrong thread so Im sticking it hear instead )

  • @Coreyartus I haven't explored the new brushes-but your post just inspired me to add that to my to do list. (Glad to find another SVS'er who does all of their work in Procreate!)

    In addition to the ones that you've mentioned, I have Georg's brushes
    They are great-and they are MANY. 550 brushes (with a few color palates thrown in) for $15. He has lots of inking brushes based on famous cartoonists.

  • @Coreyartus that Quoll brush is really varied

  • Are the canvas textures actually part of the brush? Or are you putting down a canvas layer and then changing the painting layer properties to have it come through??

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    @jdubz said in Procreate brush sharing I love procreate brushes.:

    Are the canvas textures actually part of the brush? Or are you putting down a canvas layer and then changing the painting layer properties to have it come through??

    Which brush are you referring to?

    The new Brush engine in Procreate allows for exactly what you're referring to with their new Dual Brush capacity. You have one brush on top that has a tip shape and a "grain"/texture it's putting down, then the second brush underneath it can be your canvas surface if you want, even with it's own shape and texture... All in one brush. It's really quite nice. There's a new brush setting called "Depth" which creates more contrast in your brush's grain/texture, and several new "Rendering Modes" that also dictate how the brush strokes behave, too.

    It's great to have this much flexibility to the brushes in Procreate, now, but all these new settings in Procreate 5 make it daunting to wrap your head around things. Literally all the older brushes that one might have purchased for earlier versions of Procreate have these same new settings--they're just dormant and waiting to be adjusted and tweeked. So everything that was once Old is now New again. You can literally make a dual brush using any of your old brushes, activate color dynamics on them, fiddle with how much they smear other colors... It's... a lot to take in.

  • Sorry, I just meant specifically in the screenshots above I'm seeing a lot of canvas texture, so I was curious if that was part of the brush or not.

    I'll have to check more into that depth setting. I played around with it a bit but not a ton.

  • @jdubz if you mean the pics I posted then the texture is all canvas layers, but they sit above the paint layer with various blending modes. the paint is just a standard airbrush and looks terrible without the texture layers above. This was with Procreate 4 though, and as @Coreyartus said, Procreate 5 opens up lots of extra options. Too much for me to take in I think. I might just buy the Max Ulichney new watercolour pack for procreate 5.

    Does anyone know of any restrictions in using bought brushes in commercial work? I would hope none but you never know and the website doesn't mention anything either way.

  • I also really like brushes from Georg Von Westphalen. His inkers are my favorites. Try the Watterson etc brushes named after comic artists. My other favorites are brushes downloaded from Retrosupply Co. I have also bought a set from Vivibrushes, but wasnt as much in love with those for the way I draw. They were recommended by a professional, who uses them excellently, but they just werent the best for me.

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