Charlie LP’s Sketchbook

  • Did a baby Yoda drawing over Christmas holiday because that little greenie is adorable. I feel like I went too far with the background though.


  • Last week when I was watching the season finale of The Mandalorian I spotted a new droid I'd never seen before in Star Wars. An R2 type droid with legs. I'm calling it a Gondola Droid. Anyway, I took it as an opportunity to just do a quick sketch, but then I decided to develop it a bit further into a more complete image. Doing the color and lighting on it was a lot of fun. Any feedback is most welcome.

    Here's my original sketch.

    Then I did some line work. You can see some of my reference photos in this one.

    Started come coloring.

    Then redid the coloring on the droid to reflect the lighting from the lava river and fog.

  • @CharlieLP Looks good! Thanks for showing your process!

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