Basic Perspective Final Assignment

  • Just finished up @davidhohn's Basic Perspective course. It was extremely informative and useful.

    Anyway - here's my final assignment. Please let me know what you think. Honesty is appreciated.

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    @Basil-Godevenos Hi Basil! Great job on this 🙂 I'm not familiar with this particular course so don't know what the assignment called for exactly. From the name I would imagine it needed to be basic, hence the boxy look of your piece.

    Some notes:

    • The vanishing points seems a tad too close together. Not enough to create real distortion problems, but if you're looking to do a very traditional look that mimics life, they could be a bit further apart. The corner of the bed and and the corner of the rug (if it appeared in the picture) are a little bit compressed.
    • The clock on the wall does not match the perspective. I'm not sure if the course covered ellipses in perspective. If not, that would be something good to learn next!
    • It's an ill timed coincidence that the lower ledge of your window is so near the horizon line. The horizontal line clashes with the rest of the picture, even if it actually follows the perspective faithfully. Next time try to place your elements to avoid things like that 🙂

    It does seem that you have a good grasp on the basics now! Of course, it still looks a little sparse. To become truly proficient in backgrounds, here are some things you may want to tackle next.

    Next steps:

    • Perspective of ellipses
    • Perspective of shadows
    • Adding thickness to objects such as clocks and ledges
    • Measure elements in a perspective (so things like doorways, stairs, chairs and people look appropriately sized. It can be hard to measure accurately in perspective)
    • How to dress a perspective (research and add appropriate details like molding, heating vents, ceiling lights, plugs and lights sockets that make a room feel real. You'd be surprised how many of those things we take for granted and always forget to draw!)

    Great job and happy continuation 🙂 Backgrounds are such a needed and powerful addition to your arsenal as an artist. It can be intimidating to tackle so good on you for jumping in!

  • @NessIllustration thanks so much for the detailed response. The course did cover ellipses, I just am having a harder time with them. I'll continue to practice!

    Is there an easy to follow rule about how far apart to place vanishing points?

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    @Basil-Godevenos When starting out as you are -- place your vanishing points where you think they "should" be. And then drag one of them 3 -4 inches further out.

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