How to Draw Everyting excercises

  • I have started with SVS courses and of course, with the "How to Draw Everything". I believe that it is better to work out of the box and therefore, will share my homeworks even though they look crappy. The upside-down one is actually not bad, but the two others went really out of proportions.
    Would like to hear your ideas.
    Also, is there anyone here new to the courses as well and wanna stay in touch and improve together? I love to work with all of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Eywin so whatโ€™s the goal here? I really like the second and the last one.

  • @danielle-King-Leeds Hi, thanks for your feedback. The goal is to train the eyes and use eyes to draw instead of using brain. So in the 1st one, we draw upside down. The 2nd one, trying to follow the countor instead of looking the whole shape at once. The 3rd one, drawing the negative spaces to make the whole picture.

  • @Eywin I'd love to stay in touch with people working through the curriculum! I'm a little bit ahead of you I think, as I just finished the How to Draw Everything class and am moving onto Basic Perspective but I am loving seeing what other people are doing and the progress people make is really inspiring. I just drew this apple tree as one of my final pieces for the how to draw everything course - I found it really tricky still (apple trees are really splayed and covered in fruits so I don't know why I chose it!) but I feel like I learned a lot from the course!


  • @mamadraw argh, I can see so many issues with it. Self critique is really good but it's hard to keep it on the motivational not the demoralising side of the mind!

  • @mamadraw Hi mamadraw. I'm really happy you wrote here. Cause I also really love to get to know and stay in touch with people who are learning. It is like we are in a class and can learn together. Thanks for writing here. Yes, you are ahead. It took me a while in practicing the cutting shapes chapter. But now I can move on and hopefully will reach to this cool excercise soon. Self critique is good and you can learn from your mistakes. In order not to get discouraged from seeing your mistakes, tell yourself that next time it is going to be better. Cause you see the mistakes. Stay in touch ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • @Eywin Thanks! Good luck and happy drawing with the rest of the course, I look forward to seeing more of your work! Laura x

  • Finally I have finished the final assignments of How to draw everything course (@mamadraw ). It was really fun to draw these ones. My car has serious problems. I will definitely redraw a car. Love to receive your ideas and comments about the mistakes ๐Ÿ˜ƒ .


  • I can't wait to reach the time to take the "Vehicle design" course. Right now I am doing the "Light and Sahdow" and "Basic Perspective Drawing" courses.

  • @Eywin

    The car has some perspective issues, so you might be better off taking the perspective courses rather than trying it over and over again. For one, the top seems to be heading in a different direction than the body, like you got a box on a box, but they arenโ€™t pointing the same direction. Thats the main thing, but there are also smaller things like the headlight nearest us being smaller than the headlight farther away, which also will hurt your sense of perception.

  • @Eywin I really like the tree. I agree the car looks a bit rough, but that's why we keep practicing. I've just started this course myself so I'm looking forward to seeing more work.

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