Dec. 3rd Thurs. feedback please...

  • Hopefully everyone has had a great Thanksgiving! Wanted to see if I could get a word or two of advice. I was trying to convey Santa's misfortune in choosing abominable snowman . Don't know if having Rudolph conflicts with the text that was given?


  • SVS OG

    I like it hehe. I think you need to add to the snowmen to make it look like they were attached somehow. they just look like they are chasing after the sleigh now. I like the rudolph, i stuck him in mine too

  • Funny pose with Santa and Rudolph! I agree with Lynn in that the snowmen seem disconnected from the story prompt. Also, what is propelling Santa's sleigh? Nice rendering on Santa and Rudolph but the rest of the image doesn't seem to have gotten the love that those two characters did.

  • Agree with the others. This piece, on it's own, is great. But I think the judges will have trouble matching it to the prompt.

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