My Portfolio / Need Critiques please.

  • @xin-li @Laura-Brown @NessIllustration I just discover the podcast section. That gonna help me a lot. ^_^

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    @Jérémie-Lecompte hi, I don’t know how the instructors at Schoolism teach but they’re pros at their field and you best believe they know what they’re doing. @Will-Terry is a great guy but he specializes in illustration. ( No offense Will) That’s not exactly feature animation visual development. SVS will definitely help you with your fundamentals but along the line, you’re going to need a visual development mentor. Though similar to illustration, Visdev requires different a process and even a slightly different skill set all together. Perhaps you can ask @Jake-Parker on how to best prepare for this field. He worked in VIsdev for Blue Sky. Also ask @Lee-White since he also taught Visdev in college. Also, if you want to get a job in visdev, you need to build connections and what better way to start than to be friends with your teachers who are currently working in the industry. Don’t just focus your learning on SVS. You are free to learn in other schools as well. Use all the resources available to you.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz I think the only one I'd like to learn from is Nathan Fowkes on the Schoolism website. But for now, my budget does not allow me.

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    @Jérémie-Lecompte you only like Nathan Fowkes’ class? That’s a shame. In my opinion, Schoolism is a treasure trove for Visdev students. Also, you could just get the monthly subscription if budget is tight but that depends on you.

    You seem to be interested in a lot of art fields. You mentioned that children’s book illustration is your dream at the same time you want to get into visdev for the stability. Perhaps it’s best if you polish your fundamentals for now while researching what goes into each field, what skills are needed, and what’s expected from you by your potential clients. And hopefully, you can make the decision later in the future.

  • A littles paintings I did today.




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