• Hi all,
    In an effort to avoid opening a ton of new threads I'm just going to group my slovember project progress (yes, I'm aware its december now) in with my introduction.

    I'm Daniel, growing up I was in love with arts but was always told "artists dont make money." So I joined the military and eventually ended up in glorious medical devices manufacturing. Recognizing that I wasnt being fulfilled creatively, in October I signed up with SVS and started putting pen to paper. I've been thrilled to be drawing again and hope to have a good time growing with you all. I was hoping to be able to enter the slowvember contest, however, learning to draw has made it go a bit more slowly than I anticipated.

  • Didnt realize that the right arrow was to post.. I will be sharing some pics of my progress this evening. Thanks again for having me!

  • Welcome and hope to see what you have been up to.

  • Welcome! Love hearing about your re-discovered passion - good luck on your journey!

    I am looking forward to seeing what you have in your sleeve! πŸ™‚

  • Figured out how to upload pictures!
    Based on an offhand comment by Lee White, I decided I wanted to do "Dinovember." Initially I just wanted to do the cliche "epic dinosaur standoff" image but then I realized that there isnt really a story there. So I decided to go the route of a child discovering a dinosaur. At the beginning of the month this just meant a lot of figuring out how to draw a dinosaur .
    20191202_132315.jpg Screenshot_20191202-131842_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191202-132006_Gallery.jpg

  • And how to make the dinosaur not do the peepee dance

  • After I was feeling somewhat comfortable with the dinosaur, I got to work with some basic character poses to get a feel for it. I wasnt sure if I was going to have just one or a few characters. Decided on just a solitary boy finding his dinosaur.Screenshot_20191125-111056_Gallery.jpg

    At this point I thought, "that's it, get it on the bristol board and get it done!" So I put my lines down.

    And then I realized I dont know how to draw: rocks, trees, grass, or water. So back to practicing.

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    Welcome! I love your process. If you don’t know, you stop and figure it out. Perfect.

  • 20191208_154430.jpg
    Sorry for going quiet. Finally got around to start coloring!

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