3 Critiques for Dec 3rd Thursday

  • Happy Thanksgiving - I'll do a critique for the first 3 sketches/paintings posted for Dec 2015's upcoming 3rd Thursday prompt in this thread about Santa and his Reindeer. Can't wait!

  • Hi Will, happy Thanksgiving! I'm not sure if you mean finished or near finished work or not but I would love to hear what you think about my sketch so far, I haven't painted it yet.

    Hope I understood your post right.


  • Unfinished. Still working on this. Would love to hear any critique. Thanks.

  • I am embarrassed to put this up as it is, but when I have a chance for your opinion so far...

  • @Will Terry I just stuck the unfinished little Rudolph pig behind Santa so u could see what Santa is looking at, I will add an arm handing Santa something- a present or candy cane. Santa and the sleigh will be in the shadow with highlights from lantern and Rudolph nose. I am still working on the roof behind the sleigh too. I just didn't want you to think that I would leave those areas as they are. Thanks for the opportunity for your help!!

  • @Will-Terry I'm sorry I missed this opportunity. I really like how mine is developing and would have loved your opinion. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • @Will-Terry are these the final crits you will do?

  • if you are feeling particularly energetic and want to provide a 4th critique I am submitting mine. I have quite a bit more painting to do, but as I continue I am not too excited about my composition. It feels boring and predictable.
    Santa's Bears progress.jpg

  • @Will-Terry I worked on updating mine today and thought I would send it to you.

  • @Will-Terry what a great idea! Concrats to the happy view!

  • SVS OG

    How fun! Can't wait to see the crits 🙂

  • @Damien-Rambacher 777.jpg hi Damien, I reworked your painting a little. I thought the curvy shape for Santa's list was really fun and whimsical however I thought it stopped looking like a piece of paper. If your viewer can't tell what an object is you will lose them on your concept. Having it blowing in the wind works I think. Great style on the drawing!

  • @Kris-Knight Hi Kris, I think you have a really nice high rendering style and a great color scheme. I didn't feel that you were conveying your story as well as you could however. I think the animals feel like they're floating instead of pulling a sleigh. I'm not confident in my design as it leaves the lower left empty - so if I were reworking this piece I would take that into consideration. Great color and sleigh architecture! Santa, the sleigh, chicken, and pig read better than the hamster - dark and light on grey is very hard to pull off - the hamster gets really complicated in value pattern. 7777.jpg

  • @seanwelty Hi Sean, I love your digital painting style! You have really soft yet defined edges and that works really well. Not sure how finished you are but I would take Santa further along in the finish. I took the liberty of moving the little character over to the left page so that I could enlarge he Polar bear. You only get once chance to make a first impression - very your shapes BIG, med, small for variety and impact!777777.jpg

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Hi Thrace, Nice piece! I wrote a few things to watch out for on the piece - really nice color!77.jpg

  • @Will-Terry Will, thank you so much for your advice, I really feel like I am learning so much from you! I am trying hard to make it to the top half!! I will start on reworking things tomorrow, I really appreciate your doing this for me!

  • @Will-Terry
    Hi Will :).
    I very much appreciate the critique. In my image I was going for the beginning of the animal's journey where they really don't know what they are doing and are more floating and aren't working together and pulling. I had a few other of my fellow students mention that same critique. Well, I guess it's back to the drawing board haha. Thank you very much for taking the time. 🙂

  • @Will-Terry thank you for taking the time. It's flattering for you to say you like my painting style especially since I have not really painted digitally before a month ago. I like your suggestion about playing with scale and like what you did with the Polar bear pose. Most of the figures are not fully developed and will be brought to a better finish once I have the composition nailed. Your input has helped get me much closer and got me excited to explore more. I found I like to work on a rather flat image when working in this style as I can control my edges better. I guess that comes from my experience painting on canvas and board. I hope when this image is complete you can see the influence of the contemporary painters I admire such as Richard Schmid and Jeremy Lipking. Both are masters of edges and light. I have no portfolio to speak of. This image will hopefully be the first of many more to come in the next year.

  • @Will-Terry Thanks for the critique Will, It helps a lot, I really appreciate it. I like the re-crop, and that list does look better there.You've given me a lot of good ideas, thanks again.

  • @Will-Terry Can you let me know if this is working. I think I need to work on the pose of Santa to get a better gesture and better direct the eye to the second page. I am also curious how to treat the gutter. I am afraid of putting anything there, but now feel the composition is disjointed. I would love your opinion. Thank you for your time. Santa's Bears05.jpg

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