What podcasts you listen to, besides 3 Point Perspective?

  • @idid guardian children’s books, is good too. Unfortunately they’ve not updated it in a few years

  • In the art related field I listen to One Fantastic Week (1FW), I think they upload it as a podcast, but I listen to it on youtube. It's for fantasy artists, but I've found it helpful to have a healthier relationship to art in general and get you thinking about art business strategies. It's a great motivator to get to work.

    For fun podcasts-
    Criminal- It has a variety of crime related, real stories that are very interesting. Sometimes it can get dark, depending on the episode.
    This is Love- Sister podcast to Criminal, focusing on interesting, real stories related to love- not just romantic, but all kinds.
    Ear Hustle- Podcast run in a prison. You learn about the lives of prisoners and prison culture in that particular prison.
    The Jordan Harbinger Show- Has a variety of topics and guests, and is generally geared toward self improvement.

  • Wow, thanks for all the recos!

    I've added Draftsmen, Illustration Department, and One Fantastic Week to the list.

    Other art ones I listen to are:

    • Make It Then Tell Everybody (Illustration)

    • The Visual Storytelling Podcast (Illustration)

    • Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (all creative)

    • Writing Excuses (writing/storytelling)

    • 99% Invisible (design)


    • The Adventure Zone (D&D)

    • Everything Is Alive (weird comedy interviews with mundane objects)

    • Greg Boyd: Apologies & Explanations (open theism theology)

    • Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin (interviews)

    • The Meeting House (anabaptist sermons)

    • The TED Interview (what it says on the tin)

    • The TED Radio Hour (interviews with TED speakers on a central theme)

    • TED Talks Daily (is there such a thing as too much TED?)

    • This American Life (human interest journalism)

    • Woodland Hills Church Sermons (post-evangelical sermons)

    • The Meeting House After Party (anabaptist theology)

    • Nice Try! (documents failed attempts of things - first season was about failed utopias)

    • Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell re-examines historical events)

    • Serial (true crime)

    • Unattended Consequences (inactive, but so good - Patrick Rothfuss (fantasy author) and Max Temkin (game designer) shoot the poop)

    I may have to cut this list down a bit now that I've added three more art ones :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

  • Wow, so many great suggestions! Truly love this forum. Thank you everyone!

  • I tend to listen to pod casts about topics im interesting in creating things about. Like fairy tales or food or something.

    I listen to comiclab because it’s hilarious about webcomics

    I listen to Gastropod because it’s about food and id like to write a food comic!

    Art history babes is about art history grad students hanging out and taking about about particular art history topics. I learned a lot about the origin of purple paint (mind blowing)

    What kinds of topics interest you?

  • SVS OG

    ComicLab is great, informative, and hilarious:

    The Afternoons with Josh and Ken is hilarious

    ForceCenter for Star Wars discussion:

  • I'm totally going to revisit this thread and broaden my inputs. Thanks, everyone, for the list of podcasts

  • @JoannaH yeah. I bookmarked this thread. I am on @CLCanadyArts's first suggestion The illustration department. So good.

  • @xin-li , definitely agree with you! Nick’s passion for picture books is like ink bleeding through my radio. Would be such an honor to one day be interviewed on his podcast.

  • SVS OG

    Bookmarking like crazy. You already covered the ones I listen to. Thanks everyone!

  • Hello!

    A podcast that I follow closely: Art Side of Life.

    It is really cool to hear personal stories of many artists and illustrators all around the world.

    Jake Parker actually participated in on of the episodes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuB5RylZZw0).

    Very inspirational! 🙂

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