SVS Friendsgiving - What are you thankful for?

  • I'm thankful for SVSlearn classes and the SVSlearn forum because they both continuously give me confidence that I am on the right path to become a professional illustrator.

    I'm thankful for the great people I met on here that I can consider my friends and colleagues. If I'm ever in a place where I'm swamped with art jobs, I'm coming to ya'll for help. Ya'll are great ❤

    I'm thankful for people loving my snarky remarks.

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    I am incredibly thankful for the information gleaned on these forums that is generously shared by others just to share it. Every time someone shares news or discoveries or challenges, I learn a lot more about the world of illustration. When I see constructive criticism, I can often apply it to my own endeavors. When I read freely given advice to honest and earnest questions, it makes me more of a professional, more worldly and more aware. The spirit in which all these things are given--without judgement or disdain--is truly remarkable. I'm incredibly thankful I found this forum, the classes and everyone here. You all help make my efforts better in a myriad of ways.

  • @Aleksey what snarky remarks, lols

  • @Heather-Boyd the ones with snarks.. The Snarky Snarks sounds like a fun childrens book...

  • @Aleksey ha! I get the reference. Aleksey Jones and the Mountain of the asnarky Snarks!

  • @chrisaakins what is that a reference to? Pls explain

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    @nkdrawings This is a great idea! 💜I love SVS. I am in a weird spot in life. Busy with kids and grandparents and my husbands businesses and and and... I have to set “artist me” on the back burner a lot more than I want to. But, between the SVS forums, the podcast, social media, and all the classes, I feel like I can still be connected. I’m still learning things and I’m encouraged to keep at it with whatever time I have. I’ve made some good friends along the way too. So thankful for this community!

  • @Aleksey I thought you were referring to the shout out from my earlier post. 🙂

  • @Pamela-Fraley the back burner is ideal for simmering. Idk I was trying to make a motivational quote I think I failed.

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    @Aleksey said in SVS Friendsgiving - What are you thankful for?:

    @Pamela-Fraley the back burner is ideal for simmering. Idk I was trying to make a motivational quote I think I failed.
    Haha! Thats actually true though! I'm working on some writing projects as well as a handful of art projects and I'm constantly thinking about them. When I do sit down to draw or write, I literally never hit a block with what to do... only how to do it.

  • @Pamela-Fraley yeah Will Weston spoke about this. Once you gain the technical skills to solve problems (which literally anyone can do with time patience and practice) the biggest struggle is the ideas, themes, and concepts. Taking time to think about the ideas and themes and story before addressing the technical skills is also valid.

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    I am thankful for all of the knowledge that SVS has provided to fill in the gaps that college left empty. I am also thankful for this forum and the people on it. It is THE most wonderful social space that i have experienced and I hope that it doesn't change as it grows. Even though most of us will probably never meet, I consider a lot of you my friends. If you are ever near Folsom, CA, let me know and we can meet up. I have actually made one IRL friend from the forum, @kaitlinmakes. She's going to be at the Mandarin festival in Auburn, CA tomorrow. Wish her luck, because she's using her profits to hopefully buy a ticket to see The Cursed Child with me. 😃

  • @burvantill I am glad you feel this way because I do, too. Does anyone live in Altanta on the forums? Other than @Lee-White I don't even know if anyone hails from the South. Am I all alone in the SVSiverse?

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