Hello! Slowvember new artist! :)

  • I just wanted to take a moment and say hi! I'm new to SVS and thought slowvember might be a good time to post this finished piece. treehouseCampfire.jpeg

  • I'm trying to figure out how to upload the video of the process.

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    @BOG Good luck. I have never been able to upload video.LOL. If you figure it out, please share. If you have an instagram, link it there so we can see. =)x
    This is an awesome start. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
    Also, Hi, and welcome. =)x

  • Hello and welcome! Nice colors and light! Will be nice to see the process. You only want to share, or are you looking for critiques?

  • @Meta Thanks!! critiques are always welcome 🙂. A little background for you: One of my wife’s students, a pre-schooler, asked me to make a picture. She wanted two kids by a campfire and there HAD to be a treehouse haha. So I spent a while trying to come up with a picture that told the small story I put to the concept to help guide the composition. The story being that the two kids are actually in the middle of their backyard but every time they go into the treehouse they are placed in another environment, this one being a dark forest or the woods. So the treehouse needed just enough prominence in the piece to be a major part. I tried to create a composition that first drew your eye in with the light and then with some hard edges allowed you to scan up to the dimly lit treehouse and then follow the bottom of the tree back down to the kids. Placing everything on this perspective plane Seemed to allow for more ability to include everything. The kids are a focus but the moment in time was more an overall shot before a zoom in. I like playing with color and light. In this piece I wanted to convey a sense of playfulness in the color while creating a depth in lighting to ground them in the scene. Hope that helps 🙂

  • @BOG Now that’s a great concept I wish I had thought of! If I understood correctly, every time the kids go into their treehouse, they end up in a completely different environment? Brilliant! Reminds me of a Saturday afternoon cartoon.

  • @danielerossi haha yup! That’s the idea! And totally inspired by the Saturday morning cartoons I loved growing up 😂

  • I can’t seem to figure out how to post the video... I’ll take some process images and post them.

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