Hello! Would love a critique on this art!

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    Maybe some light and shadow on the ground around the bananas to ground them. And some more rendering on the nanners themselves to connect them with the overall picture. They seem important but not finished. Good color scheme 👍🙂

  • @SFischer if you post your dream portfolio we might get more of the direction your trying to go. But your larger character and the back sky looks like it’s more defined and the forward elements and the banana coloured shapes seem to converge and bump into each other more sporadically or accidentally reflects the chaos the poor bananas are feeling. It made me chuckle 🙂 it has a lot of fun energy!

  • @burvantill - Yes good call! Grounding the nanners should really lock them into the composition. Thank you!!

    @Heather-Boyd - Thank you for pointing that out! I couldnt quite put my finger on why it felt like 2 different styles. I'll try putting a little chaos up top and some more definition in the bottom and hopefully that will balance out. Thank you!

  • I love the concept! It's really fun! I would add more bananas (could there be a small street further back? Or bananas running between the houses?) to enhance the idea of a crowd that is panicking. Right now, it looks more like there is a small group that is being scared off by the gorilla. I also agree with the feedback shared by others: more details on the bananas would be interesting to make them pop out from a less defined background (which is probably not a main focal point and is already working well). Great work!

  • @SFischer love it! Maybe some extra shadows or shading behind the buildings to create dimension between the structures and the sky?

    It’s a fun piece for sure!

  • I really love the color palette you chose for the buildings and sky. your line work on the buildings is very free, I love it. I did not catch that those were bananas at first...I saw ghosts. Maybe a little more yellow and some of that same line work you used for the background shapes but possibly even bolder strokes since the bananas are in the foreground. The apes expression looks mildy scared/suprised by the bananas...like he's not sure why they are running away. Makes me curious of what the story is.

  • Hi there, I love this it's great and funny too. I agree with a comment made below about details or shading on the background buildings and something to show the bananas or on the ground, or maybe they're not? Also maybe the left arm should be a bit thicker at the top? I'm not sure about that but maybe worth a try? Love your colour palette btw.

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    @SFischer I just love this. That’s all I have to say. It makes me smile.

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    This is just an awesome piece. I don’t think there’s much to critique here. Great job!

  • @KaraDaniel Thank you for your perspective! The bananas do need a facelift. The ape's expression was intended to be somewhat harmless while his size is driving the bananas bananas!

    I will post an update soon. Thanks again!

  • @Elena-Marengoni I actually did play with the idea of more bananas in the scene as well as some dimension in the street but I couldn't make it read well. It threw off the whole dang composition 🤯 I think I'll give it another go though 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts and kind words!

  • @Jeremy-Ross Hmm that seems like it would be very helpful. Gracias!

  • @Rachel-Horne You know I've had the same thought. That arm has been in periphery and I don't think I ever tried beefing that up. Thank you for your advice and kind words :smiling_face_with_open_mouth:

  • @Pamela-Fraley @Nyrryl-Cadiz

    Thank you both for your positivity! It means a lot to hear ☀

  • @SFischer It is so funny can not see anything wrong ,just maybe put some cartoony eyes on the bananas.

  • @SFischer Well then I think you nailed his expression nicely. Looking forward to seeing the final piece 🙂

  • Great image! Love the perspective!

    Would love to see the more bananas version, and some cast shadows to ground them (along with the other aforementioned adjustments to them)

    Also, maybe differentiate some of the texturing. I kind of feel like the noise that is permeating the image is overwhelming as it is affecting every surface.

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