Slowvember progress.

  • I started my first master study. It's terrible 😃

    I will not be sharing it, but I certainly see the need to do more of them. I learned a LOT.

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    @Braden-Hallett can't be any worse then mine LOL but lee made a good point and focus and little sections rather then the whole thing.

  • @Chip-Valecek said in Slowvember progress.:

    can't be any worse then mine

    oh, you have NO idea :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: It's baaaaaaaaaaad. But it's fuel to try again 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett i wish i was as organized aa you

  • SO! I've been spending my daily time just kinda exploring concepts from a ranch with reverse sized animals. Big things are small (or gone) and small things are big.

    This has given me kind of a pool of concepts which I think are fun. Biggest reaction was to the hawk rider. So that's the concept I'm gonna rethumbnail and go slowly from scratch.

    alt text

    I've also fiddled with brushes and stuff on one picture to kinda compare. I haven't included the ones that were really rough. I'm still gonna print it out and try literal watercolour for giggles, too.


    The BIG thing that doing master studies and playing with recolouring and going to an illustrator's meeting did was prompt me to literally mix colours instead of picking and choosing. For the local colour and value absolutely. This means that it's much more likely (so far always) harmonious, and I never get to go all the way black (it's really hard to).

    So this panel is now always open when I'm colouring:

    I'm sure I'll get a less messy palette at some point 🙂

    I'm optimistic moving forward! The worst thing this exercise will do is force me to redo my whole portfolio 😃

  • Hey @Braden-Hallett I just want to say your artwork grind is really inspiring. I've been learning a lot from just looking at your art under a magnifying glass lol

  • @SFischer lol Thank you 😃 'Grind' is definitely the right word for it 🙂

  • Exploring and playin' around with characters as well as, of course, hats.


  • Okeedokee! So I essentially had the concept and an image already, but i went back and re-thumbnailed since the first concept was very much off the cuff.

    I tried some different points of view (from the ground, from above, from the mouse, from the hawk, etc). I settled on one close to what I had before (since I really liked it) but I get a much better sense of the keywords (and there are now massive bunnies and it's obviously a ranch).

    Super rough sketch is done, so from here I'm gonna do some value studies, and then some colour studies.


  • Whenever I try to change tools and processes, I often change things, like the change, move on, and then forget how I got there.

    So I spent some time experimenting, labelled all my layers with their type/purpose, and made some notes along the way.

    The two left faces are using the new(ish) process. It involves a lot more throwing around of paint with an airbrush.

    The BIGGEST thing that has changed and that I am INCREDIBLY happy with is getting my colours from mixing a fairly limited palette. Hooray for colour harmony 😃


  • Just wanted to say your digital art making skills are on point! I wouldn't even know where to begin lol. I love the idea of the large animals with characters (could see that as a whole series of stories) I was especially drawn to the guy on the owl (looks like a cool villain) and the kids with the bat.

  • @KaraDaniel Thanks 😃 ! I rather liked the owl rider, too, but the hawk and the massive bunny seemed to have the most draw online. My fav was the bat, too 🙂

  • Yes, your linework is great! and I was under the impression that your color palettes were always careful picked.
    I've been wondering a lot about SCBWI, I visit the site regularly and it's definitely a shorter drive for me, would you recommend it to a friend?

  • @josegalue25 Thanks! As for the SCBWI are you talking about locak illustrator groups, or the organization itself?

  • Tryin' to integrate the process, texture and colour palette to include some environment elements. This is not finished (might get it done today)

    I'm cheating a little with multiply and overlay layers for blocking in the shadows and some hightlights, but for the most part the colours were all mixed.


  • @Braden-Hallett I really like the color pallet you are getting. One little thing, the pink flower stands out as an anomaly (ooh big word!) amidst all your nice fall tones. Was it part of your original pallet? One trick I learned to flatten a color that stands out too much is to glaze over it with a very light wash of its complementary color.

    And is that how you spell pallet? Palet? Pallette? Ahhh Grammarly just corrected me. Palette. I have learned. 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett The organization itself and the quality of the meet ups

  • Whenever I need to gain some clarity and organization- I know I can always count on your posts. It's been fun seeing your color exploration. 🤓

  • alt text

  • @chrisaakins thanks 😃 !

    I'm trying really REALLY small spots of colour that aren't in my palette. I wanted the wild rose to be wild rose coloured 🙂 It was worth a try, right?

    @josegalue25 said in Slowvember progress.:

    @Braden-Hallett The organization itself and the quality of the meet ups

    The organization itself seems pretty solid. I've only had dealing with my regional chapter. It probably varies from chapter to chapter. But in general, they've been nothing but supportive 🙂

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