Greetings From Texas!

  • Hello SVS Community -

    Apologies! I just realized I never posted an introduction, so - here you go.

    In elementary school, I was the strange kid that drew comics and created ridiculous stories when everyone else was having fun in recess. It wasn't that I didn't particularly enjoy playing outside, I just couldn't resist taking the left over paper roll from class and make (what seemed like) endless drawings down the hallway. I poured my imagination into the paper and consistently entered flow state while the world around me froze in time.

    Fast forward, now I'm a 40-year old father and husband that writes constructions contracts for a living. Boy what a divergence from drawing! Sure, I still made doodles every now and then with lots of compliments from friends, family and colleagues; however, I never took art serious.

    Not until now.

    When I discovered SVS Podcast, my passion for illustration reemerged and I'm grateful to be part of this wonderful forum alongside many talented artists.

    Although my career is nothing related to art or the children's book industry, my dream is to make a difference in the world with powerful children's books that deliver powerful insights (not preachy) to kids and adults alike.

    I want each illustration to improve 1% from the previous one. I'm excited to take courses here on SVS Learn and look forward to consistently posting my work in this forum for my fellow community.

    When I'm not working 50 hours a week, I'm either spending time with my family, drawing, writing, or training in calisthenics. I write fitness articles every now and then for fun. It makes me happy to inspire others to exercise and strive for personal development in all areas of their lives. In case you're wondering, no - I'm not a life coach 🙂

    I guess you can say i'm back to unraveling my 50 lb Paper Roll, one illustration at a time.

    Happy drawing and thanks for reading!


  • Welcome to the Forums! You've just made me realize I've never introduced myself either 😲

    Excited to see your work!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Jeremy-Ross welcome to the forums!

  • Welcome! 😃

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    Welcome 🙂

  • @Jeremy-Ross Hello! I definitely hear that 1% improvement per image. To be honest I generally consider it to be a 1% improvement in whatever area I'm currently focusing on and there are least 50 different areas of study I need to do that for, but it's all going in the right direction! Look forward to seeing your work!

  • Welcome!

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