Dec 3rd WIP

  • Sheesh, THIS is where this goes... okay off to a good start. Hi everyone... apologies for deleting the other thread, I just realized there's a sub forum just for the 3rd Thursday stuff. Okay so here goes. My answer to the prompt is " Jet Pack Elves "

    Here are my 2 initial sketches, the final will be full color though... any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    jetpack elves.jpg

    Fleshing it out some more...

    je 1.jpg

  • SVS OG

    They are really cute and this can make a really entertaining piece! I'm not sure if the top image is a set of character sketches or a finished composition... it would be great to get an idea of the elves' environment, eg how they are swooshing through the sky...and also wondering how they are planning to carry the presents for Santa? Your elves have a serious but cheeky look which works great for this 🙂

    PS I never realised there was a special 3rd Thursday area either! Oops 🙂

  • Thanks yeah I am thinking of the environment, maybe a runway of lit candy canes with the loaded sleigh at the end... I will work on that next. Here's a color swatch test. I decided to go with Xmas themed helicopter propellers after seeing your train.
    je 2.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Very nice! The helicopter is a fun idea too 🙂 But don't let what I'm doing put you off from doing jet packs/rockets...the way you drew the oversized jet canisters and the whoosh of gas out the back looks great on the elves..they look like they're having a good time with those! - so do whatever you feel like doing 🙂

  • lol Thanks, I may go back to jetpacks, the propellers were annoying to conceptualize, they'd be a pain to draw in different perspectives... and my goal is to draw 12 distinct elves, not just cookie cutter them... no pun intended.

  • Okay so I've been thinking on my scene, and basically it's this... 8 Elves with Jet packs on, are being " briefed on their mission " for Santa by the Head Rudolph Elf (who will have a glowing red nose in the final), as Santa is walking the " runway " to his sled. I didn't flesh out the elves yet because I want to take my time with their expressions. I want one to be sleepy, another saluting, etc...

    You can't really tell here, but they are marking off their distance from one another with arms out and mittens touching, behind them will be the harnesses they'll be putting on, I think I might put rings on their jetpacks though, and turn those harnesses into big hooks. But the circles are there more as a marker, as I have designed that part yet.

    Anyway off to finish Lee White's class on Visual Storytelling, finally broke down today and subscribed! 🙂3rdthursday.jpg

  • Color test for the elves... color test.jpg

  • Still can't decide on a coloring style... so I tried this today after watching the Brooke Boynton section from the Painting in Photoshop course.color study.jpg

  • @Bobby-Aquitania Much better with this new style. Try varying your line widths more.

  • The ink outline was done in Manga Studio 5, and some of the coloring in there as well, the textures and final look were created in Photoshop. But the thin " felt pen " line was intentional. I did use a second thinner brush in a few places, the edge of the scarf and hat, the details on the bottom of the jetpack, the eyebrows... but I was intentionally not trying to " ink " it, so I could give it a more simplistic look.

  • Santa test...

  • I really like your concept Bobby! It's very funny military with the candy cane under Santa's arm. Great color on him btw!

  • @bharris Thank you! Starting to ink today, decided I am not going to go for a full painted look on this one, instead I want it to be a watercolor look, which I will do digitally...

  • Oh that is very neat and I love the elf you did up top with the watercolor effect looking down. Will it be that style?

  • @Stephanie-Hider Yes, that's what I am hoping to accomplish... thanks for looking! 😃

  • Np can't wait to see the final product. 🙂

  • Gotta finish this tomorrow... 3rdthursday.jpg

  • very interesting idea and I like composition! I think the watercolor look will be good for this one.

  • @Naroth-Kean Thank you... added Santa in, and now to the part I've been dreading, the Elves!3rdthursday.jpg

  • I love the inking on Santa!

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