• Hello!
    This was such a fun challenge! Never spent so long on a piece. And such wonderful entries by everyone. Some really amazing storytelling and techniques!
    Everyone on the forum is so helpful and I'm so glad to be a part of this community of amazing people and grow along with them! Good luck to everyone! Cheers! 🙂


  • Boy did I ever learn a lot from this challenge!


  • Here's my entry! My slowvember was so slow that I only painted one of the four panels that make the book spread 🙂 ...but I learned so much from it!!Panel_01_low.jpg

  • Here is my slowvember entry. It's a book spread from my picture book dummy. The young sister keeps annoying her older sister (top bunk) with animal facts from her book. The blue guide line is where the gutter would be so I tried to design the composition to allow for that.


  • Hello everybody, here is my drawing for the slowvember contest! Hope you like it! It is about Bram Stoker's Dracula and Lucy's transformation into a vampire. I dont't know if you ever read it but it is a masterpiece!!!
    If you need some more details about the processmaking here is my instagram: mathildelebruntid
    Good luck everybody!

  • This post is deleted!

  • My first monthly challenge piece - and my first post. Boom!

    A continuation of a piece started in October (like, obvi, right?). Loosely inspired by the hallowed Poe poem.


  • @peteolczyk Love the visual wind on this!

  • @xin-li I love this so much! P.s you can scan in overlapping sections on a letter size scanner and stitch together in photoshop

  • Hi. Here is my entry for 'Slowvember'. The concept was taken from one of my Inktober drawings and here I painted it digitally. First digital painting for me!! Really enjoyed it! Really enjoying all the entries!! Thanks

    SVS-NOVEMBER.jpgMy Instagram

  • SVS OG

    Because it rains every day in November where I live, and even a little patch of color brings hope.

    Thanks for inventing Slowvember, Lee!

    Slowvember texture lighter.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Finished! "Journey"


  • Vivaldi's Four Season painting copy.jpg

    This is the slowest of slowvembers for me. I played the viola in high school. (I was dismal at it..._)I daydreamed in Orchestra quite a lot. On the back of the sheet music for Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I sketched a cellist with a tree in each of the seasons sprouting out of the neck. The image has rattled around in my brain ever since.
    For this piece, I wanted to explore some of the ideas I learned in the Light and Shadow class...and practice digital painting...which I'm still learning.
    Slowvermber: Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Hopefully representing the power of music.

  • Hi! Here's my entry, I basically wanted to create a winter image to go on a greeting card. I really love seeing other submissions, such a versatility!


  • Here's what I've been working on this month - it's a spread from a story about a guy who has always wanted to be a strongman in the circus but when he tries to join it doesn't quite work out as he planned.

    It is watercolour with some heavy digital modifications.

    distant circus watercolour Nicola Schofield 2 low res.jpg

  • My last minute submission to Slowvember. I ended up not doing all of the four generations, but only one for now. I could have made a Throwvember of it, but that wasn't the goal, right? I'll post the others (1920, 1923,2019) as soon as I finish them.


    Lots of great submissions here! 🤗 Good luck to everyone!

  • unlikelyfriends-slowvemberfinal.jpg

    final piece for slowvember. I'm seeing a lot of great entries, here.

  • Newer artist and first time contributing to a challenge.Robert_Maine_Town.JPG

  • Here's my piece for for Slowvember! Took it slow and felt like I found a new style for myself with this challenge 🙂


  • Is there a time zone that we are supposed to adhere to for the midnight submission time?

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