3rd Thurdsay critique!

  • Hi I wold love some feedback on my 3rd Thursday idea. Something isnt quite working and I am not sure how to fix it. It feels a bit flat and I can't get the birds to work. Any ideas?

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    Hi Sarah, this is a great start and there is a nice sense of atmosphere. I did a quick draw over to touch a few issues that might help the overall feel. Hope this helps. 😃 Hope it is legible 😛


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    Very cool idea!! I like Charlies comments. Another thing that may help "unflatten" the birds is add some highlights and darken others. Right now they are all the same black and red, no matter where they are in the flock 🙂

  • Charlie Eve had a lot of great tips.

  • Nice idea! I like the color and the athmosphere in the scene!
    I think Charlies comments are great and fix most of the problem (especially the perspective on the sleigh!)

    Another small thing I am noticing is that most of the bird seems to be held by the left hand... Maybe if you tried overlapping some of them over the sleigh and maybe varying their sizes a little (making some a little closer to the viewer [and held by the right hand] and making them bigger) it could help! It goes in the same direction as Charlie's suggestion to break up the flock... I really thing it would help!

    Great work!

  • Great! Thank so much for the help. I think when you stare a something for to long its hard to work out what to change.

    I have already updated the sleigh and increased the length. It has made it look better already. I am working on the birds a bit more now.


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