Hello from Philadelphia

  • Hey all!

    I've been around for quite a while but have yet to formally introduce myself. My name is Laura, I'm 25, and I'm a graphic designer from Philadelphia, PA here in the states. I initially went to college to study illustration, with dreams to create the next, to quote my entrance essay, "Magic School Bus" (whatever that means, lol). After everyone in my life told me I would be hard-pressed to find a job as an illustration major, I switched to graphic design and before graduating landed a job at one of the world's largest engineering consulting firms as a graphic designer in their marketing department.

    I'm still working that job today doing mostly print layout (so if anyone wants to collaborate on a book project, I can definitely do the typography and layout!)

    After finding Will Terry on youtube I started putting together the pieces that you can actually earn money and get work as an illustrator. My family and friends were wrong and that excitement I had entering college is back. My goal here is to become a children's book illustrator and author. While I have some foundation from art school, I definitely have a long way to go! I'm using my instagram to document my progress along the way as I learn the fundamentals and become more involved in the community. I can't wait to get to know you all and am excited to see where this journey takes me!

    My instagram name (handle? not sure what it's called) is lauramarie_art

  • Welcome, Laura!

    There are some other people from the greater Philadelphia area here. I'm from eastern MD, myself, about an hour from Philly.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome! ☺

  • Hey Laura!

    Welcome! I'm in Delaware, so I'm not too far away!

  • SVS OG

    @lauramarie_art hi! Welcome to the forum! It’s sad to think that you were discouraged from Illustration. I find that the ones who usually say there are no jobs in illustration are also the ones who know little to nothing about the field. No offense to whoever told you that though. I’m sure they were also just looking out for your best interest. It’s not for everyone but with enough grit, good skills and a little bit of luck, you can make it. I wish you the best!

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