Dec 3rd Thursday

  • I want Santa to be so desperate this year so here my story for him.
    The Reindeer got the flu so Santa used the broom he stole from the wicked witch.
    Run Santa run! Santa-stole.jpg

  • Awesome!! I love your style, as you know!!

  • Hi Naroth! Yesterday night I had the same idea, but I don't have time to submit something. Therefore I am happy that this idea will be realized by you! 🙂 The sketch is already promising so far. Good luck with this. 🙂

  • second idea! quick sketch

    @Jana aww don't let this stop you from doing your idea! i'm sure it is going to turn out totally different even it's the same concept and thank you

  • Hi, Naroth! I didn't mean to say that it stopped me to submit. I wouldn't do it anyway. My day job is pretty heavy right now and in my sparetime I am working on something else.
    After seeing animals and elves replacing Rudi, I just thought what else could be done...😊 Therefore I like both of your sketches a lot. The second is really great, too. Thumbs up!

  • @Naroth-Kean Really like the first one. Love the recognizable 'Naroth Kean' style! I hate to say it Naroth, but the second one looks a bit odd. I cant see what it is but it gives a 'strange' association. Hope you don't mind 😉

  • But the second one is superman! 😊

  • @Jana now I see!

  • SVS OG

    I like the desperation in the first one! SuperSanta is good too, but the first is awesome 🙂

  • First one look very good.

  • @Naroth-Kean I liked the first drawing as well. Funny idea!

  • Thank you guys for the comments! yes I do love the fist one better.

  • Run Santa run! ( in progression )
    here my color version of desperate Santa
    Playing with new texture and I really like it because it gives kind of natural wet feel to surface. Some of the color might be too vibrant. Let me know what you think? anything, much appreciate!Santa-stole.jpg

  • nice work as always! The fireballs are awesome!

  • @Naroth-Kean I really like the way you treated the cliff. It is very stylized, but feels disjointed with how you rendered the rest of the image. I'd like to see the style of the cliff echoed through out the rest of the piece or render the cliff in the style of the rest of the piece, The cliff's style is what stands out to me now though.

  • @Naroth-Kean I like your new texture. This looks like a hand painted image. I'm a sucker (and possibly @Will-Terry) for vibrant color but this image might really look interesting with some of the colors desaturated.

  • You have a fun sense of story. The witch and Santa... your version of Nightmare before Christmas???

  • @Naroth-Kean Hi Naroth - I hope you don't mind but I worked on your composition a little. I'm not saying this is better but I feel it addresses a few problems. I think you are allocating about 1/3 of your image area to the empty cliff. It's often better to overlap large areas like that to unify your painting and increase the impact of your story. Also, I think we need to see Santa's hands on the broomstick - it will also help show that he's probably not a pro at broomstick riding and perhaps he's gripping really tight. 🙂1448949852973-santa-stole.jpg

  • i Like the mad witch! verry funny!! 😃
    @Will-Terry nice what you did with the composition and on your sketches i noticed that there is a cliff there, dind see that on thy original painting, but overal i think its a great idea! 🙂

  • Design-wise, I think seeing the whole broom tip to tip reads better in your thumbnails. Right now in the colored version, it's making my eye go off page to the left. Your style is great, the fireballs hilarious, what if the Witch was behind Santa being carried by 2 flying monkeys, then more of the Oz theme comes into play... I also like the expressions on your thumbs better, they read like fear and worry, in the colored version, Santa's eyes read more like confused, maybe its his eyebrows, if you tipped them up, he'd look more scared.

    Also is there anyway you could photoshop the witch's face to be green? I know it's implied, but it would read faster as to which witch she was, with just that spot of color. (Say that last part 3x fast lol) otherwise yer done!

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