requesting feedback on color studies

  • these are a bit more than studies, i'm almost at finish for these little snowmen and last minute I was saving them at different levels of saturation and line intensity etc. Am now confused as to what looks best. I'm really liking the saturated blue background but my son thinks it's too blue. and I like it with and without the colored hats and scarves......something nice and simple about the non colored scarf/hat ones too.
    any thoughts appreciated!!!!

  • @Coley From these I personally like nr. 3 it has more contrast, I would like 2 also, but if I close my eyes I don't see there almost anything...Maybe the colorful clothing on 3 better?

  • @Coley My favorites from most to least are 1, 2, 5 or 3, 4

    I think #1 is working the best simply because of the contrast that the scarves create. It gives the snowmen presence. Also the shadow line in this one really really helps that too and I don't see it in any others

    Then I like #2 - If you are going the blue only route, this shade seems to be about right. If you're using photoshop It might be a good move to give their scarves and hats just a small bit of color to help their silhouette.

    After that it's a toss up between #5 and #3 - I think 5 is a little less harsh of a blue so probably that one.

    As for #4 - Nah, it feels a little apocolyptic. But respect for experimenting!

    Actually after typing this out I think it's a toss up between #1 and #2 for first and second place. All in all, beautiful work!

  • thanks @MichaelaH and @SFischer for your input! Awesome to get some input. I keep changing my mind lol. Photoshop is great but too many options sometimes lol!!!!!!

  • @Coley i like 3 but think the red hat from 1 is great.

  • I like the cool tones of 2 but if you then add a colourful scarf.

  • SVS OG

    I like #3 best #1 second.

  • I like #2 most. But I think it depends if you want a blizzard feel or not. It is definitely the one that feels to me like you can barely see them through the blizzard. But that might be that it is zoomed out further than the rest.

    Not sure what you are going to use this for so it is hard to give a definite answer.

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