Monster Project (with Inktober).

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    @TwiggyT ha!ha! That was a fun one to do.

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    Camille's Monster (almost 13) - silly harmless fluffy & white like a cloud. Mini claws and hooves. Shaped like a sheep with a lollipop shaped neck and head. Big googly eyes and an orange slice for a mouth.


  • Yay! Another satisfied daughter. Thank you! This latest fluffy monster is too cute. @TwiggyT I would kind of be afraid of a cat with a unicorn horn! Would it use it for good or for evil? 🐱

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    @TessaW Thanks, Tessa 😊. I'm glad she likes it.

  • @TessaW I didn't think about that. I'm sure it would use it for evil, although perhaps if you set a box out it would get the box stuck on the horn and so be thwarted. At least for a little while.

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    Parker (16 yrs) - mountain of a human man with an alligator shaped head/snout. No tail. Huge rack of mangled and twisted antlers. Wields 30 foot long serrated sword. Enjoys tea with neighbors, Chinese checkers, and destroying nations.


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    @Kat Big and hairy, with big feet and big eyes. Long arms without hair. Three teeth. Shy. Likes flowers.


    I'm adding my pencil sketch because I think it looks much better. I'm getting a little worn out with all the monsters, trying to get then done early because I'm visiting San Jose for a week, it's fun though. I keep thinking of what Lee White says about taking time and making them look professional. I could redo most of them, I'm sure but......maybe next year. πŸ™‚


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    Cooper (almost 11 yrs old) - scaly black, 3 legs, 3 spade shaped tails, tallish . Mean with a dragonish looking head with 3 spikes on it, 3 arms - one on each side and one on his back. Solid black eyes with only a tiny bit of white.


    "One foot with like a bum and lots of eye balls and it can have like a beard on his back and all those poisons that can go on his back and a head that has lots of eyes."


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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen oh so cute! ❀️

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    This is the end of my monster project for 2019 πŸ™‚ I did 28 monsters and am leaving Wed. for a week to visit my old home. So, I'm calling it good. Can't tell if it's the picture or my eyes that are blurry on that last one....anyway:

    1. Ivy: Blobby, slimy monster, with red eyes and two fangs. With no arms, and five fingers just sticking out where the arms would be. A broccoli head with ugly, slimy feet, with red nail polish.

    2. Fern: His head is slimy, and its feet are scaly and leathery. It has three legs, which are like hard wood and the monster has little polka-dots on it. It has eight arms that are "plastic wrappish." It should have 18 fingers on each hand.

    3. Solenne’s Monster- Pumpkin like throwing up all other vegetables and with a dessert hat.
      Fashionable hairdo and one sad eye and one happy eye. And the mouth is one side happy another side sad.

    Torn up dress and stick legs like a snowman. Oops! Sorry, I forgot the torn up dress!
    Almost forgot the dress. I had to squish it in after I thought I was done...whew!

    72178290_2489252068026934_6918418283439849472_o.jpg 72638176_2489266854692122_8686477841837064192_o.jpg 72153790_2489266848025456_2966485498475839488_o.jpg

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    These are really great! I love Camille's Monster, the silly harmless one.

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    Thanks, Chip! A lot of people seem to like that one πŸ™‚ It was one of my quickest. You just never know.

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    Marsha, I just showed somebody at work your monsters, and he loves them. Said his kids would love a coloring book of them. Just thought you’d like to know πŸ™‚

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    @Kat Thanks, Kat! My husband and I are scanning them tonight. Hopefully they will be a coloring book on Amazon or at least a PDF file to share πŸ˜€

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    I redid this one because I didn't like the sloppiness of the other one. I was falling asleep while I did it. Is it an improvement? Savannah's Monster-Day 12. I should have made the body smaller though......

    12 Savannah’s monster: My monster has a giant pumpkin shaped head and a tiny tiny body. It has zigzag hair. It has a bunch of teeth and it’s feet are zigzags. And it is jumping in a swamp.


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    I made a quick cover for my Coloring Book. I have to pack for a trip now. It's not perfect but I think it will be okay with the coloring book. I redid some of the monsters with the same pen so it would be more consistent. Mainly, I think the kids will have fun coloring and seeing their monsters in a book whether it's super quality or not. I'm not in it for fame and fortune πŸ™‚


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    Worked on the cover a bit more the other day. Doe it look better now?


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    I did one in San Jose while I was there for the 2 year old brother of my three greatest monster fans (who I was staying with while visiting πŸ™‚ ) Lewis's Monster: Described by his three big brothers Henry, Ollie and Sammy. Big baby head baby body, big feet, curly horns, one big eye and one small eye, no nose so that he has to sneeze out of his mouth, stealing candy with eyeballs in it, as tall as two skyscrapers, stinky diaper. I added the tambourine because it was supposed to eb a lid and it was too small for the jar and I couldn't erase it πŸ™‚

    Marsha Drawing0006.jpg

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