Monster Project (with Inktober).

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    Ah, I see! Well, if you need more maybe let us know on the forums and we can come up with monster descriptions for ya!

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    @Braden-Hallett Thanks, Braden! Some of them get pretty challenging 🙂 Like the 10 headed one!

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    @Kat Good idea!

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    Just realized I posted these on the other thread...oops.

    @TessaW 3 year old Monster Description: 2 eyes. 2 feet. 2 arms. 1 mouth. 3 sharp teeth. No hair. Soft. Eats big food. Poops and pees.

    Adalyns Monster: Polka dots, 2 round eyes, 2 pointy teeth sticking out of her closed mouth, short puffy tail, stubby claws, upside down heart shaped nose, light cheeks, 2 small ears 1 on each side of her circular head, 2 pigtails, an oval body, small rabbit like arms holding a microphone and short fat legs.

    15 Lucy’s monster:
    Teeth shaped eyes, an oval nose, a square shaped body, 6 balloon like legs, 3 circle arms, 2 braids, wearing a small dress, wings like a parrot, small feet, playing a game of tether ball.




  • Yay! I was wondering how you'd do the poop and pee thing. She loved it! My husband thought it was hilarious. 😊 Btw, love the dress on the tether ball monster.

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    @TessaW Thanks! So glad you liked it. I was playing around with a toilet but it was getting complicated 🙂

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    Jack's Monster: Big huge arms out in front of him, can fly with no wings. 40 lights on it. Drinking 6 warm milks from sippy cups, eating a squished apple. Wearing a backpack going to Mrs. Stefanie’s on top of a big huge fire truck.

    I forgot the lights. let's just calll those little dots lights 🙂


    Gabriels'a Monster:

    Unicorn head on a long giraffe neck, cat-like body, tongue sticking out, super long mane and tail and cheetah spots.


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    8 year old: It likes dancing on a dance floor. It's big, fat, and hairy. It has 6 legs and feet. It has 6 antennas with eyes on them, sticking out of it's head.


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    Gabriela’s Monster: A unicorn head with a long neck Like a giraffe, cheetah spots a cat like body, a super long tail and mane and it’s tongue sticking out.


  • I want the unicorn giraffe cat as a pet now.

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    @TwiggyT ha!ha! That was a fun one to do.

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    Camille's Monster (almost 13) - silly harmless fluffy & white like a cloud. Mini claws and hooves. Shaped like a sheep with a lollipop shaped neck and head. Big googly eyes and an orange slice for a mouth.


  • Yay! Another satisfied daughter. Thank you! This latest fluffy monster is too cute. @TwiggyT I would kind of be afraid of a cat with a unicorn horn! Would it use it for good or for evil? 🐱

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    @TessaW Thanks, Tessa 😊. I'm glad she likes it.

  • @TessaW I didn't think about that. I'm sure it would use it for evil, although perhaps if you set a box out it would get the box stuck on the horn and so be thwarted. At least for a little while.

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    Parker (16 yrs) - mountain of a human man with an alligator shaped head/snout. No tail. Huge rack of mangled and twisted antlers. Wields 30 foot long serrated sword. Enjoys tea with neighbors, Chinese checkers, and destroying nations.


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    @Kat Big and hairy, with big feet and big eyes. Long arms without hair. Three teeth. Shy. Likes flowers.


    I'm adding my pencil sketch because I think it looks much better. I'm getting a little worn out with all the monsters, trying to get then done early because I'm visiting San Jose for a week, it's fun though. I keep thinking of what Lee White says about taking time and making them look professional. I could redo most of them, I'm sure but......maybe next year. 🙂


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    Cooper (almost 11 yrs old) - scaly black, 3 legs, 3 spade shaped tails, tallish . Mean with a dragonish looking head with 3 spikes on it, 3 arms - one on each side and one on his back. Solid black eyes with only a tiny bit of white.


    "One foot with like a bum and lots of eye balls and it can have like a beard on his back and all those poisons that can go on his back and a head that has lots of eyes."


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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen oh so cute! ❤

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    This is the end of my monster project for 2019 🙂 I did 28 monsters and am leaving Wed. for a week to visit my old home. So, I'm calling it good. Can't tell if it's the picture or my eyes that are blurry on that last one....anyway:

    1. Ivy: Blobby, slimy monster, with red eyes and two fangs. With no arms, and five fingers just sticking out where the arms would be. A broccoli head with ugly, slimy feet, with red nail polish.

    2. Fern: His head is slimy, and its feet are scaly and leathery. It has three legs, which are like hard wood and the monster has little polka-dots on it. It has eight arms that are "plastic wrappish." It should have 18 fingers on each hand.

    3. Solenne’s Monster- Pumpkin like throwing up all other vegetables and with a dessert hat.
      Fashionable hairdo and one sad eye and one happy eye. And the mouth is one side happy another side sad.

    Torn up dress and stick legs like a snowman. Oops! Sorry, I forgot the torn up dress!
    Almost forgot the dress. I had to squish it in after I thought I was done...whew!

    72178290_2489252068026934_6918418283439849472_o.jpg 72638176_2489266854692122_8686477841837064192_o.jpg 72153790_2489266848025456_2966485498475839488_o.jpg

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