Introduction and September Contest

  • Hello SVS forum members. I'm brand new to the forum and just subscribed to SVS learn, having heard of SVS through the 3-Point Perspective Podcast. I love the podcast and I am so excited to join this awesome community of artists! I am so impressed with Lee, Jake and Will and the school they have put together here to teach us all what they have learned along the way, not to mention the the talent of the members whose work I've been looking at in the forum posts, so many awesome artists,look forward to taking this journey with you all!

    I have only been perusing the site for a few weeks. I took a stab at the September contest, but I didn't have time to finish. I did thumbnails and my initial sketch and got about half way done with color before I ran out of time. I am going to go ahead and finish just for practice, and I would love to get feedback on my idea / sketch. I went for an older audience, middle grade/YA. All feedback is welcome, I'm a graphic designer with a couple of decades in the field so I'm used to critiques and suggestions:)

    So many awesome submissions this month, good luck everyone!

    ![alt text](image url)SVS_Sept_150.jpg

  • Hello and welcome! What a beautiful drawing, it's too bad you weren't able to complete it. I'm a graphic designer as well, there are a few of us floating around here.

    For this piece I think I would want to see a little more of the boxing gloves, it took me a minute to figure out what was around her neck. I also think your characters, the boys in particular look a little old to be in school. Maybe less wrinkles around the eyes. I think the expressions are great and I particularly love the folds in the jacket of the boy on the right.

  • WOW that's beautiful!

  • @jakecrowe thanks for the feedback! I agree, I was struggling with the characters looking too old, hopefully I can soften some features in the final color version. I was wondering if the boxing gloves were obvious enough, in the color version I am planning on giving her a black/bruised eye so it might make more sense what is going on in the pic.

    And I thought I recognized your name, congrats on your win in last months contest!

  • @Cole thank you! I checked out your instagram, love your horse and dog pics, I had horses growing up and horses were one of the first things I started drawing:)

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