Hello! I am new here and a little overwhelmed!

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    @Pri-Cesar I’m not trying to go professional so I can’t answer the question as to whether that style is outdated. I know they talked on the podcast about illustration going through fads but I don’t know if there’s a market for those whose work doesn’t fit into the current popular style. Maybe someone else on the forum can answer that.

  • @Pri-Cesar Hi Pri, I think you will really enjoy it here. (Love your drawing too)
    I binge watch the videos because I enjoy them, so I’m guilty of watching them like netflix, but I also go back and study and attempt to put into practice.
    There’s some really good artists on here who also draw really great complex detailed scenes like @Nyrryl-Cadiz , @TessaW @hannahmccaffery and @Braden-Hallett to name a few.
    Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • @Zeyad I am thinking that’s what I should do too. Finishing Creative composition,I am gonna take Jake’s course. I had actually watched his YouTube video on that months ago and got super excited to take the course! 🤓 let me know how it’s going for u. I would love to see what u are drawing.

  • Welcome Pri!

  • @Samu Thank u! I am really glad to be joining in 😊

  • @peteolczyk thank u! It makes me so glad to hear that 😊 I still need lots of validation. I love this piece and would still love it even if nobody else did. But it’s so good to hear when people like my artwork. Makes me warm inside. 🌷
    About binge watching, I can totally relate. And I am guessing we are not alone on this, hehe. I have the impulse as well, did that w so many YouTube videos... but here I am trying to go slow so that I feel confident when I reach the next phase, u know?
    And I agree w u, being able to go back and take notes, try things out... is really the beauty of online classes. It makes me less anxious. It’s soooo reassuring to know I can just replay it as many times as I need.

  • @theprairiefox hi 🙂 Thanks for pitching in. I really do love watercolor, it's my favorite medium. I've been trying to get a good watercolor effect on digital, and I think I am not too far off, but it really is tricky!
    Watercolor is so mesmerizing, don't u think? And Lee's work is fabulous. I actually started watching his course on watercolor, but had to brace myself haha I am trying to take one course at a time (but it's sooo tempting! My impulse would be to take all of them at once, hehe).
    I think I am gonna open another post on digital watercolor so I can get some feedback on what I've been doing and maybe get to know other artists that are heading the same way, what u think?

  • @demotlj I think I might open a post on this, it's something I've been wondering for a while, and I have no means to figure this out on my own. I wonder how marketable this style would be... but even if it's not really hot right now, I'd still wanna make pieces like this 🙂

  • @peteolczyk Oh, yeah! Thank you for the recommendations, I'll definetly check those out. I'm already acquainted w @TessaW 's, she's awesome! By the way, I checked out your instagram, and ..wow! I have no words, your work is so poetic, so soft and cheerful. I love how u use your greens, and your oranges... and your lifework. Oh well... u have a new fan! Truly!

  • Hello.
    I just signed up also, but I am actually returning to this field after being out of it several decades. For me, I share your sense of being overwhelmed - so I'm taking it step by step and also peeking at other courses that I'm interested in taking up later.

    I was in a BFA, however, I ran out of financial aid - and hope to one day return.

    The first course I selected was Inking - started back on the fundamentals. And it's something I have not done in about 3 decades (yes 30 years). I am enjoying the course, doing the exercises and some of it is coming back to me. I actually ordered the old fashioned feather quill and ink in the bottle - and will be using these once I get a bit more confident.

    Welcome and hope to see some of your work here. 🙂

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