Hello! I am new here and a little overwhelmed!

  • @burvantill Hi 🙂 Thanks for the reply.
    Yeah, I think I saw something like that somewhere... I'll take a look again 😉

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Hi, Marsha! Yes! I did see something like that somewhere as well, haha. I'll try to find it again 😉 Thanks for writing!

  • From what I remember, I didn't do a 50 Things piece, but I used the course to help with the 25 things challenge- which was part of the comp class maybe? It's been a couple of years! I don't really remember.

    I did one, but never took it to final, and then did a different piece which I did take to final.

    sALAMANDER linework.jpg

    Tv-Watchers 1.jpg

  • @Kat Hi! 🙂
    You're absolutely right... just watching the videos is not enough. I wish I could dedicate more time to my art studies though, so that I could go faster! I am indeed taking my time and going super slow... I can only do it for 1 or 2 hours a day...
    And I am sooo curious and excited about the courses available that the first impulse is to just binge watch them (hehe). But, as you said, it's much better to take it slow.

  • @TessaW
    Cool! I love searching for all the details in the there! How gracious is this little girl w the mustache!
    I found the super busy piece I drew inspired by that challenge and Brambly Hegde (which I am an huge fan of). That was 2 years or so ago...
    Tell me what u think:

  • I'm new here too and felt the same way. Decided to start right from the beginning and work my way up. The Foundation videos is where I'm at and will do them one at a time. They come in 4 levels which is handy.

    You'll find them in the Curriculum page from the main menu.

    Hope this helps

  • @Zeyad-Alsultan
    Good! Thank you! That was actually what I was looking for 🙂
    I had picked Creative Composition to start with, so I wasn't too far off 🙂
    Which one are you taking first?

  • @Pri-Cesar Starting with How to Draw Everything. Alot of it is basic but I wanted to challenge what I knew and start fresh with more targeted practice before moving to the next course.

  • I would echo @Zeyad How to Draw everything is a great starting place.

    If you are starting to do freelance work I would also check out some of the business ones, they are all helpful. If you are more focused on the art right now then there are plenty of those as well.

    Looking at your style you might want to do Lee's one on watercolor. It is short and very informative.

  • @Pri-Cesar I think you did a wonderful job dealing with all of the items. The focal points shine through. You don't look like a beginner at all!

    Don't feel shy to show more of your work. It would help others give you more personalized class suggestions.

    I will give my recommendation for a perspective class if you don't feel quite comfortable with it yet. Judging from the piece you posted, it looks like there's just a couple of things to brush up on in that area.

  • @TessaW
    Oh, thank u! U are so very kind. ☺️ I really like this piece. I wanna make more drawings like this, very busy scenes. But it’s still kind of a mystery to me to understand what makes such pictures work. U know what I mean? Like... composition wise, I guess...
    And u are right, indeed get shy showing my work still...(hihi), everything I’ve done so far is very much fruit of intuition... all I can tell is if I like the result or not, but can’t really pinpoint why... It makes me insecure.
    Perspective is definitely in my priority list! I don’t really understand much of it yet.
    Thank u for your kind feedback, it made me smile. 😊

  • SVS OG

    @Pri-Cesar I once contacted the people who run Jill Barklem's website to ask about her painting process because I too love her work. They said that she would often spend up to a month on one of her illustrations sometimes re-doing it until she got it just the way she wanted. It was all done in ink and watercolor. Your work is very reminiscent of hers. Beautiful work.

  • SVS OG

    @Pri-Cesar welcome to the forums!

  • @demotlj Did u really think so? Thank u! 😃 I am so glad to hear. I absolutely love her work. Her pieces are mesmerizing, aren't they? I have been working mostly on my iPad these days, but watercolor and ink is my favorite combination of all. I keep trying to get the same effects digitally, but it's tricky.
    Do you think this style is outdated? I don't see illustrators drawing like that nowadays. Do u know any?

  • SVS OG

    @Pri-Cesar I’m not trying to go professional so I can’t answer the question as to whether that style is outdated. I know they talked on the podcast about illustration going through fads but I don’t know if there’s a market for those whose work doesn’t fit into the current popular style. Maybe someone else on the forum can answer that.

  • @Pri-Cesar Hi Pri, I think you will really enjoy it here. (Love your drawing too)
    I binge watch the videos because I enjoy them, so I’m guilty of watching them like netflix, but I also go back and study and attempt to put into practice.
    There’s some really good artists on here who also draw really great complex detailed scenes like @Nyrryl-Cadiz , @TessaW @hannahmccaffery and @Braden-Hallett to name a few.
    Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • @Zeyad I am thinking that’s what I should do too. Finishing Creative composition,I am gonna take Jake’s course. I had actually watched his YouTube video on that months ago and got super excited to take the course! 🤓 let me know how it’s going for u. I would love to see what u are drawing.

  • Welcome Pri!

  • @Samu Thank u! I am really glad to be joining in 😊

  • @peteolczyk thank u! It makes me so glad to hear that 😊 I still need lots of validation. I love this piece and would still love it even if nobody else did. But it’s so good to hear when people like my artwork. Makes me warm inside. 🌷
    About binge watching, I can totally relate. And I am guessing we are not alone on this, hehe. I have the impulse as well, did that w so many YouTube videos... but here I am trying to go slow so that I feel confident when I reach the next phase, u know?
    And I agree w u, being able to go back and take notes, try things out... is really the beauty of online classes. It makes me less anxious. It’s soooo reassuring to know I can just replay it as many times as I need.

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