How to ink group run through FINALE! Yay!

  • Hi guys! This is where some of us were working through How To Ink 2.0 in the weeks running up to Inktober! This is the final stretch!

    If you wanna take a look at all the awesome progress everyone made, feel free to check out week one here:

    This week is Jake givin' us a rundown on his process, sketch to final inks, and I had a MINDBLOWING revelation. See later post for what it is 😃


    'Four stages of drawing' and 'wrap up'. 'Bout 40 minutes total, so not bad at all.


    -ACTUALLY WATCH THE VIDEOS. Sometimes it's tempting to skip over the 'watch me draw this thing' videos, but they are the most informative!

    -Post one thing you learned while working through this course. It can be something specific from the videos, it can be something more general, really whatever you want, but I wanna know what you learned 😃

    See this extra special homework? Last person standing gets to do it. Aaaaaaaaaand FIGHT!

    -In the wrap-up video Jake invites course-goers to ink one of the drawing pack images, post it online and tag him. I'm sure one of your own images would work just fine, too 🙂

    Thanks everyone for workin' through this with me 🙂 I learn so much from doing the courses this way.

    I'm gonna make another post for any before/after images people want to post in the next few days.

  • Okeedokee, my mind-blowing revelation from watching the 4 stages of drawing videos is something that everyone's probably gonna tilt their heads to the side at and go 'well DUH'.

    If I look at one of Jake's drawings, there's a whole bunch of lines that I THINK are implying light and value, and ONLY light and value.

    However, while Jake's inking, as he's drawing those lines that I think are there solely to imply a light source and for no other reason, Jake says 'and here's some texture'.


    What I thought was just shading from light, Mr. Parker was thinking of texture. And while implying texture IS based on a light source, this kinda shifts things around inking priority-wise in my brain if you get what I mean.

    Mind blowing for me, routine for others, lol.

    Hope that makes sense. If anyone's confused as to what the heck I'm talking about, lemme know and I'll post a picture of what I mean 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett I think I know what you mean. Not all lines and textures are creating light and shadow. They have other work to do. Like show form. That was a key learning for me in last week's lesson.

    If I got it--great. If not, yes please a picture.

    I'll post images tomorrow-and my sum up. Between prepping for the big event starting on tuesday...

  • Yeah I realized this after watching Will Terrys painting textures videos. Although i never finished the homeworks. You cant have textures without shadows. I keep trying to capture that when im inking but i keep failing. Ill get it eventually.

  • @Susan-Marks I may post a picture, yiss 🙂 I think it's more that in my head I had the list of priorities all wrong. I would do contour, form and then start shading leaving no room for texture. When I should have been adding texture, and then polishing with a little bit of shading. What I thought was only shading was actually texture all along.

    @Aleksey said in How to ink group run through FINALE! Yay!:

    You cant have textures without shadows

    Is true! But I think I need to think of that less, if you get what I mean. Right now I'm adding shadows to add shadows, when I should be adding shadows to add texture. It's... weird. But I think things have straightened out in my brain now 🙂

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    I feel the same as @Aleksey . I am fumbling on the textures and the shadows. i think that I have gotten better, but i need way more practice. Which will be inktober. LOL.
    I have to say, coming back after 5 days of not seeing everyones work everyday, and then seeing the last lessons results, I think that EVERYONE has improved dramatically. You all should be proud of yourselves. I know that it is common for artists to be hard on themselves, but you all are doing just fine. 👏👏👏👏👏😃💛

  • @burvantill i also sometimes forget that its a good idea to pull up a reference or 2. Like i was having trouble drawing soft pillows but once i pulled up a reference it became so easy.

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    I think the most important thing I have learned from this course is to think before I put even the first line on the paper, especially if I am doing traditional ink. Every line can do so much that I really need to have the contours, texture, tone, and shading in my head (or penciled out) before I start to ink. Which is why the second most important thing I learned was about Tombow correction tape in Jake's list of materials!

  • @Braden-Hallett I learned more specific strategies for inking in this 2.0 go-round. I think the thing that stood out to me is how to create form with contour lines and hatching along the edges.

    I've tried to come up with a list and even a hierarchy or what is the job of a line.
    See what you think:

    1. Create the exterior shape
      a) remember if the shape is textured, use textured lines for those exterior lines

    2. Create form and volume by using cross-contour lines to wrap around the shape

    3. Thick lines: bring forward; for things that overlap shapes;

    4. Thin lines: define an edge; inside a shape; to make objects recede in space; shapes underneath

    5. Establish local value

    6. Add light and shadow after local value is established (altho if you want to show "light"--you need to consider this before you lay down that local value)

    7. Texture: lines to create texture can outline the shape; emphasize form by changing the size/shape of the texture; create shadow

    I have an idea to take one of Jake's drawings in the pack--and try to go thru it planning the lines with the above list in mind.

  • Here's my inking from the last class. Note: I drew along with Jake as he created his dragon. My anatomy is an opportunity--but I am pleased with the inking.


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    @demotlj I feel the same way! I have learned so much, but the most important lesson for me has been to think through a drawing completely before laying down ink. I think process is going to be important for me in the future - identify my highlights, shadows, and textures, and lay them down one at a time.

    I lost a lot of time being sick for the past few days, so my final exercise for this class will be Inktober 🙂

  • Sounds like everyone learned a lot (certainly some stuff I hadn't thought of 😃 )

    I'll have to get a comparison thread going to showcase some before and afters 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett I think I learned that if I slow down and plan for my values and shapes, then the lines can sing. I also learned that people actually like my line art and that that is a strength for me. I also learned that I really need to work on color and creating digital art.
    I also learned that the Marmot people hate it when you say I also learned six times and will beat you with heated blankets loaded with rotten mushrooms if you do.

  • I didn't really have the time to do all the homework on this course but seeing as I was starting from pretty much zero inking experience I learned a lot lol. I think I had thought of inking as more of a line thing. But I learned how to do gradients and that was pretty cool 🙂 Also how to do different textures. Also how the shape of a line can change the shape on the interior of the object, eg if I draw a cube but I make wavy lines inside of it, the cube looks skewed or wavy.......kinda blew my mind lol.
    I like the idea of inking something from the drawing pack and posting online and tagging Jake, I might do that. I had done tacobot as practice but think I put it with recycling a few days ago when I was clearing up stuff rats! maybe it's still there!

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