3rd thursday idea - Santa's reindeer got the flu!

  • @Will-Terry Thanks for the draw over Will! I think your right... I am sad to get rid of the reindeer though, but something that was bugging me since the start with this piece was the lack of unity, and I think it would in fact be more united without the reindeer! And I love the idea of the flying cat!

    I really appreciate your comments! I think what you, Lee and Jake are doing with SVSLearn and this forum is wonderful ; the best thing since sliced bread!

    @bharris I am trying to keep a fairly desaturated palette for now, but I will add highlights and little sparks of saturated colors soon!

  • Love the cats!

  • Here is a rough updated version with Will's idea applied!

    I think the composition looks a lot more balanced and unified this way. Any other idea before I start working the details ?! Also I am not sure if I prefer the cat in the first or second version (overlapped by the elf)... any preference ?

    Santa WIP 5.jpg
    Santa WIP 6.jpg

  • @NoWayMe I like this new composition it does feel a lot more balanced. I'd personally chose the first version since there isn't much too overlapping already. The objects seem to fit together well that way to my eye.

  • Another update!

    I still have to work some of the cats, and minor details here and there, and I would like to add snow in the door frame (like it's snowing outside), but I wanted to post it to see if anyone has idea on how to improve it!

    I know it still needs more contrasts, I'm gonna work on that next!


    Santa WIP 7.jpg

  • Here it is again with some ajustement layers applied... Photoshop's magic!

    Santa WIP 8.jpg

  • @NoWayMe It looks much better!

  • looking really really good!

  • this piece is realy coming together realy find, its realy a amusing piece, lots of things going on, i realy love how the cat behave!! realy fun, love it, love it , love it! 🙂

  • Thanks everyone!!

    Now it's almost done! I think I'm gonna put it aside for a day or two and then look at it with a fresh eye...

    Santa WIP 9.jpg

  • This turned out really nice! Doing that last hit of warmth really made it come alive!

  • Nice. Love the kitties...always helpful around Christmas time!

  • This is wonderful! I love the texture and color. My only suggestion, and you posted this 4 days ago so maybe it wasn't fully done, would be to put a shadow under the flying cat. It's hard to tell he's flying. He almost looks attached to the top of the page and the door. Sparkles or an indication the wings are flapping too?

  • Great to see it all come together!

  • It looks great, I like all the different personalities on the cats.

  • @gimmehummus Thanks! And great idea for the sparkles! I tried it and I think it works pretty good! I didn't put a shadow though because I think his shadow would fall off frame... I not sure of that though.

    Santa Final.jpg

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