Damien's December 3rd Thursday WIP

  • Here's my Idea for 3rd Thursday:
    I thought it would be funny if Santa had to take the bus. Just a quick idea sketch, still figuring this one out.

    Feedback welcome. Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    That will be an especially long Christmas Eve! Ha! Ha! Nice sketch!

  • Cool and unique idea.

  • Great idea! Like the hopeless emotion. Thats really how all people look waiting for the bus LOL! would it be fun to add some other travellers?

  • Great idea. Santas keeping it real.

  • @Damien-Rambacher very funny

  • SVS OG

    This is a fun idea 🙂 Since it is quite a still image, it would be good to push the humour angle as much as you can. I agree with @Leontine, some more characters would be good. How about more people on the bench - short, thin, fat, all different, you could play with the shapes, but maybe looking out of the corner of their eye at him, thinking 'is that REALLY Santa?!' but too polite to actually say anything.... the drunk could be sprawled against the dustbin, to make space... just an idea though...looking forward to the next instalment!

  • Pro SVS OG

    I think it is a great idea to add some more people different sizes etc. Right now everything is pretty much living in the bottom half of the composition and takes away some of the interest. Love the concept, btw of having him waiting for a bus. Maybe add in a little kid who is trying to talk to him too. I'm looking forward to where you take this one!! Great start.


  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan that's great! maybe the kid is excitedly trying to get his mom/dad's attention that HEY LOOK IT'S THE REAL SANTA RIGHT THERE!!!! and the parent is texting or something.

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Here are some more sketches:
    These are still rough sketches, mainly focused on getting the idea worked out.

  • These are really great ideas so far. I like the perspective of the second one, but I also like contentwise the kid recognizing him as the really Santa. No matter which direction you will go, this will be a great piece.😊

  • I agree with Jana!
    The perspective on the second piece is very dynamic and add energy to the piece, however, I feel it might be a little too dynamic (?)... It gives the piece a sense of drama/tension.
    I really love how you changed the first sketch. I think adding those other people really add interest. I also like it better without the drunken guy... I think it really depends on the targeted "public" for this piece, but if it is for a children book for example I think it would be better to not include the drunk guy! However I love the mice in the second sketch!!!
    I would also either make the christmas tree bigger or smaller so its tip isn't right on the frame (creating a tangent)

    I like the idea of Santa taking the bus by the way! Very clever!

  • I like the overall idea, especially the last 2 sketches are looking great, first sketch because of the extra people you have added and second sketch because of the angle and perspective point, i think this could be a very great piece!
    Succes on it!! 😉

  • yeah I like what you did to the last two sketches.

  • The last two sketches are much improved. I especially like the POV of the "last" sketch. You might consider cropping in on the image though. The far upper right corner is a little bare. There is nothing to get my eye up there. That would be my vote.

  • SVS OG

    Awesome! - I like the last sketch best - possibly with Santa much bigger (by being closer) so we can se him puzzling over the bus schedule or looking sheepish due to his predicament 🙂

  • Thanks everyone! Here's another Idea I had:
    With this one I really wanted to simplify and focus on just the idea that he realizes it's going to take a really long time to get around by bus.

    It's going to be a tough choice of which idea to go with.

  • I like this last one (actually I like them all - LOVE the concept of using the bus).

    On the last one, I think the bag of goodies should be HUGE - like overpowering the bench HUGE, to make it look even more implausible that Santa will have an easy time on the bus. And perhaps the scroll (which seems to dominate now in the center) should be spread to fall more on the ground, and intertwine more with the bench? Santa?, trees? sign? rather than be up in the sky so much

    GREAT concept - this will be wonderful whichever you choose.

  • SVS OG

    I really like the last concept a lot. I think that Santa travels around the world in the middle of the night. So while having other characters in the scene might be cute, I don't think its believable to have a little boy and his Mom waiting for a bus in the middle of a cold winter night on Christmas Eve.

    I also love the whimsical addition of the long list and the way its swirling up and around the clock to emphasize time is of the essence.

    All of the sketches are great so you can not go wrong, but I do prefer the solo Santa the most

  • @Nancy-Gormezano: Thanks for the suggestions! I like the idea of making the bag bigger I'll see what I can come up with.

    @Rich-Green: Thanks! I agree about Santa being alone, I think it works a lot better.

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