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    Okay, I didn’t usually take the time to do a full illustration for the monthly contest. I’m usually too distracted by the squirrels I want to paint. Literally and figuratively. Not to mention I still am lacking the skills to execute something I see in my head. That being said, I have this idea for this month that is too funny not to share.

    Back story, my daughter who is in fourth grade loves to do hair and all things girly. Her new favorite activity on the playground is doing people’s hair and having her hair done. The teacher has cut the rubber band from her hair several times this year because of the knots they get into. Try to do a topsy tail with you hair uncombed. You 80’s girls know what that is.

    Other side story. All summer between cousins and neighborhood kids they have done an amazing job sharing! Especially LICE. Yes. It was awful. We (knock on wood) only battled it once this summer.

    My idea is a little girl bringing her brush to school. The girls are on the playground and doing hair. In the background are two teachers losing it because Little Susie, who had to be sent home for lice yesterday, has brought her “magic” hair brush that doesn’t hurt when you get the tangles out. Imagine the teachers making a “NOooooo” mad dash right before the brush goes into the friends hair.

    I won’t be offended if anyone wants to use the idea. It’s really funny in my head. Anyone want to bring this one to lice, I mean, life.

    Don’t judge, lice can get anyone and anywhere. If you made your children going to college and never having to fight it, you probably should get a prize!

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    @Whitney-Simms I think you can do it!

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    @Chip-Valecek eh, to scary. I have ptsd from the summer. Seriously, like all my kids friends got it. I’m like, y’all stay away till you got it under control!

  • That's an awesome idea!

    Also poor you, you need a vacation. My step-daughter never had lice when I was in her life, but she did some time before when she was in elementary school. However, we took in a stray cat that had ringworm (and shared, ew), when she started high school, so I imagine the frantic scramble to disinfect is similar.

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    @TwiggyT My daughter had lice. Ugh! I cut her hair really short and she started dressing like a boy. All the kids called her Bob for a few years. She is now a Mom with a five year old son. She is a girl again 🙂

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