September wip - Dragon

  • Hi guys!

    I haven't participated in a monthly challenge since Mermay, but when I saw Will's theme this month I just had to at least try and squeeze it in XD My mind immediately shouted "Dragon!!!" and also my portfolio really needs a dragon in it, so that is what I'm trying to put together. So far I've sketched the comp out and made a quick value study of it (not detailed). What do you guys think? Do you see something weird in the composition or perspective? I'm not sure about the dragon's right wing. Should it be bigger maybe? and maybe be angled differently? 🤔

    (Ignore the shadows down on the ground, they are a little bit wonky atm 😛 )

    I appreciate all the feedback you can give me! 😃 Thanks! Girl and dragon value sketch.jpg

  • hi @KajsaH , I'm doing a dragon too lol. Great minds think alike?! ha ha, not sure if mine is a dino or a dragon yet.........will see what happens

    I think the wing on our right (dragon's left wing) is a bit thin, I know it could be the angle......... but for sure where it attaches to the dragon seems like it's too thin, I think it would be a wider attachment based on what I see on the other wing? maybe think of it attaching to shoulder and body and it would be a wider attachment, maybe a bit more like a bat wing?

    really cute idea tho!

  • I know this is just a value study but I thought I'd point out that the proportions on the ground area are a little off. The kids look giant and the lines on the basketball court aren't realistic (I don't think they have to be completely realistic, just put them a little more in the ballpark.)

    I really like the dragon's expression and I can see that you are really good at drawing people. Can't wait to see this with some color.

  • Thank you @Coley and @Zachary-Drenski ! I'll go back and work on it a bit more 😃

  • Hi again!

    So now I've changed the wings and added more muscles where they are attached to the body. I think it looks more realistic? I intend to make them semi-transparent, and the light will come from behind and shine through the wings where they are not shadowed by the body.
    Also made the people on the ground smaller as well as the bus. How about the basket ball court now? Not super realistic proportions but maybe good enough for this type of illustration?

    Thanks a lot guys! 😃

    Girl and dragon wip2.jpg

  • @KajsaH that wing on the right looks so much better! I can't tell if upper left corner is transparent wing or just sky? Seems like maybe should be wing but I'm not a perspective expert either!
    Overall you made some great changes!

  • Wow, you've really captured the exhilaration of the moment. I love it!

  • This looks great! I love the movement you are creating!

  • The changes look good. I can't wait to see what's next 🙂

  • @Coley Thank you! Yeah, it's supposed to be the wing in the upper left corner, it will be more obvious when it's colored 🙂 Happy you like it!

  • @TessaW @chrisaakins Thank you, I'm glad you like it! 😃
    @Zachary-Drenski Glad to hear you like the changes! Thanks for your feedback, I probably would have missed them if you hadn't pointed them out 🙏

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