Dec 3rd WIP

  • santa-uses-instead-of-raindeer-early-bandw.jpg


    I'm new around here, so I am unsure how these third Thursday's work and all. Though I liked the prompt of Santa using something besides his trusty reindeer.
    I was wondering if the action in my image are making sense, or if it looks confusing to everyone but me. Thanks for your time folks.

  • Think it makes sense: Santa is lowering a couple elves to put a harness on a yeti-type creature.

    Is that right?

    My overall impression right now is that you should try and push the values more. Right now the foreground, midground and background all have about the same value.

  • Thanks Matt for the feed back. Yes that is what I was going for. I'm gonna work on the changing of the values to help the push and pull of the image. Plus fill in that top corner.

  • santa-uses-instead-of-raindeer-early-bandwtonal-correction.jpg

    Hi I reworked the tones trying to create a sense of distance.

  • SVS OG

    I was confused but I think the idea of pushing out the values helps a lot. It was kind of hard to tell what was going on with all the details in black and white. If you're adding color that should help clarify things too though. Looks really cool though.

  • Thanks Marsha.

    Yes I see what you mean. I am trying to figure out how to make the image feel like it's living in 3d space and be readable.
    When I exported the image, the deep black in the the top left corner turned into a solid dark tone. That's no excuse but I think that is effecting its clarity.
    Having awesome folks like yourself telling me what they see and how they read an image is fantastic and helping me grow as an artist. Thanks for your participation.

  • SVS OG

    @Art-Monkey I really like the camera angle and overall perspective you have come up with in this piece. I am clearly able to tell (for the most part) what is going on and I am sure that it will clear up even further when you have the final drawing done and the color and other finishes completed.

    I also like the details like the sign on the wall showing the beasts with the antlers on as part of the plan of what is going to take place.

    I also really love how you show the beast fixated on the shiny ornament - which adds to his simple mindset and distraction from them about to harness him up.

  • This is just a style thing but, if this were going to be for a children's book, you might explore different designs for the creatures face.

    I'm not talking about re-working everything or doing a ton of extra stuff. But would there be any solutions to make it look more kid friendly/whimsical?

    I seem to be focusing on the hard brow ridge and his (what I think of as) "unfriendly" eyes. Maybe others disagree but it might be cool to try a couple different faces on it and see if you like anything better.

  • santa-uses-instead-of-raindeer-color-test.jpg

    Hi I did a color study of the piece.

  • @mattramsey I hear you on that.

    I guess I was focusing on this being a suspenseful "mission impossible" moment.

    Yes the face still needs work. His expression to me looks more like the yeti is aw stroke.
    Faces and eyes in particular are one of my hurdles. I think I have to make that expression clear. Thank you for your observation.

    On a broader note (sorry for this reply going so long, though its a great sounding board and I'm grateful for the feedback).

    Yes I agree with you on this not fitting into a children's book.

    *I'm thinking about creating this piece in a style that would be whimsical, to see what it might look like, as an exercise. *

    My issue with the style is that I think it might look like it came out of the 50's and doesn't look modern. Maybe its just me.

  • SVS OG

    I don't see where it says children's book in the prompt - maybe it was in the video and I missed it - is everything we post here supposed to be children's bookish? - I remember Lee saying all styles and genres are welcome - there is no snarky-ness in my tone when writing this - this is just something I have been wondering about lately - to me great children's book illustrators just make great images - N.C. Wyeth, Shaun Tan, Howard Pyle, Leonard Baskin....etc. - there is no children's bookishness about the work - just great illustrations in a book that is ostensibly for children -

  • @Kevin-Longueil @art-monkey I don't think it necessarily has to be for children. Just a thought/observation.

    @art-monkey if you are concerned that you aren't hitting a certain style you want--what are your references/inspirations? Knowing that can help direct you down the right path.

  • @mattramsey my inspirations and references are things like the old pulp covers, romance and suspense paper backs covers of the 60's and 70's. Big on Norman Rockwell and Frank Frazetta.

  • SVS OG

    I think the color studies make the composition more clear. The one on the top right looks the clearest but I like the colors on the bottom left so I don't know why that is. You're really doing a great job! I still haven't done a digital drawing and I am amazed at all the great digital skills everyone seems to have. If I ever do get a program I will get Rebelle I think. Anyway, I hope youwill check mine out too and give me your opinions. I need the extra feedeback on this one!

  • I realy like the idea, and the perspective on this piece.
    Still needs a lot of rendering and the values and the color are not that strong at this moment.
    You have to chek the hands and the face on the yeti, give hem a surprised look , use some ref pics.
    But i believe, if this piece is rendered out strong and correct, that this could be a winning piece, please use reference pics and make your own reference pics on light and shadow.
    Good luck on this piece, overall i love this one!! 😉

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