• @Lee-White I really like how thorough you are in your explications. Seeing this video has helped me realize my anxiety comes from time constraints. Having Never had a paid illustration project (yet!) much of my energy is going towards my other job. So whenever I do have time for art, i end up wanting to rush to the end of whatever art project before I’m too exhausted from my other job and can’t do it. This video helped remind me that by playing around with ideas and thumbnails in the early stages will save me time later and make my work look even better.

    Sidenote on the “um” thing: I do a lot of teaching, group facilitation and presentation at my job and learned that in between phases of the lesson, embracing the silence and not saying anything is better than using filler words like um. This also gives you a second to gather your words for what you’re going to say next.

  • I just finished up. Points I noted were that your thumbnails had 3 stages, I was wondering when you got around to black/white value studies. For my latest Dinosaur inspired work I went back to my "feel" keywords and I had found I got carried away with style and less on my story, so I reworked it and landed on all of my 3 key words: discovery, play and mystery.

    So thank you for reminding me to stay grounded in my "feel"ings.

    See you soon.

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    @Heather-Boyd I get into value right away. Even in the roughest of thumbnails I'm already adding some value. The key is keeping the value general and not getting lost in small details.

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    Excellent video. There’s not alot of information out there about the in-between work, the evolution from exploring ideas to reaching a good sketch. It’s so refreshing to see that an artist doesn’t just sit down and magically turn out a great final image. Thank you!

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    @Kat Thanks Kat, glad you liked it! : )

  • @Lee-White This is all sound advice. Defo going to take this and change a few things to my planning process. I laid out my thumbnail boxes first and it does get a bit regimented - especially if I have an idea to switch between landscape and portrait. Better to be a bit looser. And gives a bit of breathing space for notes.

  • Awesome video. The whole idea of just hanging out in the first thumbnail stage is really hitting home. It's something I have not nearly done enough of.

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    I watched this on my phone (because I can watch youtube for free). I can't remember the steps and they were too small to see very well for my old eyes on that small screen 🙂 I didn't have anything with me to take notes so I think I need to rewatch it. I really love the thought of including writing and a shot list with the first round of sketches! I also like to do mine a little larger. I am always doing them for a book project. I need to do it for single projects too. I also need to include the gray scale). @Lee-White , I have one more question. Are you considering colors during this time? Maybe that would be in your notes as you work? I tend to get a little worried when it gets to choosing the colors.

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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen the color stage is mentioned in my other video:

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    @Lee-White awesome. Thanks!

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